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Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 NAME National Indy--Table Centerpieces and Souvenirs

This year's table centerpieces were designed by Phil and Lynn Joehnke--a food/kitchen vignette atop a cooking pot with wooden spatula/spoon at the side. Unfortunately, I did not win a centerpiece--Darn. The table hostess at my table won it. There was no number drawing. You were handed out fortune cookies that had a message telling you "Thanks for attending" or "Congratulations! You won a table centerpiece."

In case you want to create your own vignette, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Table centerpiece at Opening Luncheon on Thursday

Our salad at Thursday Opening Luncheon
Our chicken, mashed potato, roasted carrots and broccoli Thursday Opening Luncheon

Our dessert Thursday Opening Luncheon

Thursday Opening Luncheon gift--a set of nesting bowls by Jane Graber--Beautiful

A cupcake handed out during cocktail hour before Saturday Banquet

Saturday Banquet salad

Saturday Banquet main entree--BEEF, roasted potatos, and asparagus

Saturday Banquet dessert

Table gift from Carol Wharton along with a poem she composed for the occasion

My BIG table gift received from Victoria Fox

A box of macarons from Ruth Stewart

A tray of goodies from Carl Bronsdon

Sunday Brunch breakfast

Steering Committee gift--plate of biscuits with melted butter

Our final souvenir--a cake with whipped cream and lemon curd by Carolyn McVicker. I didn't even know she made cakes. It's exquisite, and much nicer than it looks in picture.

Tracy Wilson was in charge of Souvenirs, and she did an outstanding job.