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Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 Playtime Memories QS Swaps

pair of blue lamps---Marion Haerle

Ring toss--Chris Ernst

Cupcakes from Sally Lonn--I had trouble taking pictures of this IN FOCUS, which means the cupcakes must be in scale

Pair of lamps from Mary Wrenn

3 books from Janet Chase

ABC block wagon--Paula Isaacs

Pair of silver candlesticks from "fairy godmother" Mary Wrenn

Chalkboard & children books---Kristie Dubord

Red Scooter---Rhonda Keef

Crystal lamp--Mary Hirsch

Black & silver lamp & rug--Lynn Montgomery

Chocolate petit fours--Lesia Lennex

Cheese board & wine tray WITH re-usable container from Charrita Teague of Grapevine Miniatures
This took a lot of work---I took an all day class with Charrita in 2012 learning to make all these things

Plate of cookies, glass of milk, crayon box & 4 children books---Carolyn Eiche
Looks easy, but a pain to make I'm sure because items so tiny

Porch light---Janet Lewis

Knitted bedspread---Jo McCracken

A generous gift from Nancy Woudstra.

Laser cut chair from Carol Tierce

Tulip---Jean Scribner

Tinsel Xmas tree--Romaine Eyler

Umbrella table & 2 chairs--Cindy McDaniel

This was hard to take in focus---from Jan McCandliss

Fern plant/flowers--Joane Forstrom (very hard to capture the details)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

2013 Playtime Memories 1" swaps

Acorn/fall flower wreath---Kay Felde

Playtime Memories sheet cake---Ann Silverman

Toy log cabin---Becky Niethammer

Raggedy Ann/Andy cork board--Mary E Johnson

Colorful confetti apron--I lost the name tag of person who made this. It is nicely made and machine sewn, so will not fall apart, has 2 pockets in front.

Balancing bird toy---Charlotte Atcher

Ring Toss game--Linda Shepherd

Building Sticks and Construction paper book--Cheryl Brady, who also ran Hospitality Room

KY shopping bag & 2 jars candy--Sue Chambers

Xylophone w/sheet music---Eleanor Northrup

Bouquet of roses--Libby Lennex-Stone (Lesia Lennex's daughter)

Bobble clown---Robin Jeffries

ABC block wagon---Toni Mast

2 dog pull toys--Kathy Dearduff

4 cupcakes on a party plate---Sally Lonn

Horse riding stick? (can't remember what these are called)---Marcia Beardsley

Clown bean bag toss---Gayle Miller

Coat rack---Nancye Johnson

Cheese board, grapes, napkin holder AND re-usable tin container---Charrita Teague of Grapevine Miniatures

Kite & readable Little Family Paper Doll book--Barbara Hopkins

Checkers on child's play table---Babette Overman

Sit'n Spin toy---Kathy Valent

The best for last---shelf of assorted items from Kim Woods, who was in charge of swaps
Each shelf was different. My roommie received a shelf with a Ladies Victorian shop theme, mine is more in keeping with little girls playing make believe.

These are items I received in the swap. Every time I do these swaps, I always think, "Why didn't I think of that?" Thanks to all who participated and to Kim, who was a great swap coordinator.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 Playtime Memories silent auction & houseparty helpers

QS Noah's Ark from Karen Gibbs Class, won by Kim Woods

 1" whimsical whatnot display, class prototype, donated by Sue Ann Ketchum

 Unopened QS Debbie Young Town Square kits, won by Carolyn Eiche

 QS Sunflower Sue by Cindy Lee & Melody Kelly, houseparty helper

 Interior of Sunflower Sue

Isabella's Playhouse [exhibits] by Annie Nava