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Thursday, August 4, 2011

NAME 2011 Convention With A Song In My Heart

Souvenir: Violet ballgown worn by Deborah Kerr in The King and I, by Joann Roberts
We also received a shelf with peg to hang the dress, which I gave to a friend because she did not receive one.

Souvenir #2: Music stand with NAME logo engraved by Tom Walden
The music rack with readable music booklets are from Cleveland Mini Clubs

Souvenir #3: Blue suede shoes and box from Sylvia Rountree
Gold album of Blue Suede Shoes & Elvis from Cleveland Convention Steering Comte

Totebag favors: I-pod, wrapped gift box, laser cut bird inside heart from Gale Welch, champagne glasses, florist flowers, album jackets (many, many), fabric gift bag, printed rug, earphones, laser cut NAME convention plaque, music books (none readable), music posters, record player, clam shell display, guitar charm, variety of Fimo canes, NAME T-shirts, jewelry box, pinwheel, bangles, broomstick (after a hit song)

More Totebag favors: a pipet box and mink jacket
Gift from Sue Edmiston (awesome!!!!)

Door Prize: The distribution of door prizes for QS and 1" tables were uneven. There were only 7 door prizes for QS tables, but some 1" tables had an excess of prizes because of absentees. I wasn't supposed to get a door prize, but I must have looked so sad or pathetic Phyllis King gave hers to me.

Table gift: QS calla lilies and tiered what-not shelf from Phyllis and Richard King

 Gift from Sue Edmiston (AZ). I sat next to Sue and we were talking about swaps for general scales. I did not participate, and plop, Here you go, I got an extra she made for the swaps. Lucky me!

Table gift: QS Ladies vanity set & lamp. Can't remember who it's from. I threw away all excess packaging so I could fit into one carry-on and suitcase.

Table gift: from Cindy McDaniel

Table gift: QS tiki bar

Table gift: QS aquarium from Rhonda Simpson

Table gift: QS dog from Sandy Davis (made by Gayle Clausen)

Table gift: QS elegant screen (I believe this is from Michelle Faleshock)

Table gift: QS radio, rugs and framed music albums (not in pic) fom Sue Edmiston

I was seated at a QS exchange table, and all the table gifts I received were wonderful and real treasures. The variety and ingenuity displayed was amazing. Never would have come up with the items I received. Thank you all.

Roundtables from top to bottom: QS highboy & desk, 1" guitar with real strings, 1" cigar box banjo

Roundtables, top to bottom: QS kitchen island ME style with plant or cake, QS/HS Adirondack chairs

Roundtables: irises in 3 scales (JohnnieAranda), 144 scale vignettes

Roundtables: grammophone from Judith Andraka, QS harp & chair or violin & chair from Bruce & Judy Steinke

MiniMart: QS dolls from Sharon Jarvis

More dolls from Sharon Jarvis

The dolls were very reasonably priced from $16 to $25

MiniMart: from Winifred Holloway

MiniMart: from Cindy McDaniel, all QS. These were some of the best finds ever at the show. Cakes were $3.50 each, snowmen $3.50, (awesome) trunk $4.50!!!!

First stop on our mini tour was the home of Emma and Cathy Lincoln in Shaker Heights. Their collection is housed in a room the size of a 4-car garage. Every shelf was stuffed with roomboxes. Dollhouses in 1", HS and QS were placed in the center of the room. The adjacent sun room had more interesting objects collected from their many travels around the world. This was only part of their collection. They had even more items in storage in the basement.
QS rooms in a cigar box