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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Charlotte 2012 Roundtables

Hello everyone! Below are pictures of COMPLETED roundtables from NAME's 40th Houseparty Convention in Charlotte. It took me 2 weeks to finish these, so it can be done if you put your mind to it. Some definitely take more than 30 minutes, but I found almost all of them were worth the effort.

144 scale Asian Tea Room  (Amy Rauch, Everything you see is included with the kit.

Mini Manor (same baby house offered as Seattle souvenir in 2010, but as a dollhouse for the dollhouse; Lew Kummerow). I also bought the furniture (separate roundtable) that goes inside the mini manor, but have not painted them yet.

Micro Antique Toy Theater (sized to go inside a dollhouse); Barbara Kummerow. There are 3 scenes and figure cutouts offered as a separate roundtable.

QS Cabin Fireplace (Debbie Young, This is supposed to be rustic style and comes with a mantle, twig branches, and door cabinet handles made from 1/32 stained wood dowel.

QS Dollhouse Dreams Bed (Jeff Packard,

Clothespin "Minnie" (Carol House,

Log cabin for the dollhouse, 1 inch finished size (Ruth Stewart,

NAME's 40th Birthday Cake House, half scale dollhouse, includes wallpaper and flooring for the inside (Shawn and Robin Betterley,

Pair of QS Stickley Style end tables (Stephanie Engeseth,

QS Shabby Chic Wall Cabinet with Chintz Plates and mantle clock (Kathy Abdinoor,

1" scale Framed Vintage Sewing Accessories Wall kit (Dorothy Hansen, She also offers a kit version for a Table Top.

QS Bedtray (Barbara Thornton-Hill, A 1" scale version also offered.

1" scale strawberry shortcake dessert plates (material provided to be used as earrings & pendant). Alexis Hunley,

QS sewing basket & accessories (Charlotte Krauser, Also offered in 1" scale. She gives you enough material to make at least 12 sewing baskets.

1" Raggedy Birthday Box (Jenny Fortin,

1" Painted Watering Can (Sandy Whipple, Also available in half and quarter scales.

144 scale Adobe Courtyard (Drue Conrad,

School House Penny Box, finished size 1" (Charlotte, Don't use the plaster of paris included with kit. Use Deco Art Snow Writer and sprinkle glitter on top.

QS Alice's Tea Cart (Cynthia Lucas,

QS Lamb Pull Toy (Winnifred Holloway). I added bunka for realism. Without the bunka, takes 5 minutes to complete. Also available in half and 1" scale.