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Friday, August 22, 2014

St Louis National Roundtables and Mega Roundtables

 Paddleboat mega RT from the Betterleys. Highly detailed, but will take you 1-2 days to complete because of all the tiny parts you have to paint

 Rooster pin cushion and thread spool stand, RT from Dorothy Hansen. I got this as a gift from Molly Cromwell (the kit). I was nervous about painting, but it was easier than expected and Dorothy's instructions are very easy to follow with targeted pictures.

 I need to re-take this picture. RT from Kensinger. The owls are already painted for you, so all you have to do is paint or stain the shelf. I was done in 2 minutes. This is QS! She hand cut and handpainted all these kits.

 Lisa Engler mega RT from Tucson in 2013, which I finally got around to making. Lisa makes beautiful and well designed kits that require minimal painting (yay!) and everything is laser cut beautifully. She uses cherry instead of basswood.

 Lisa Engler mega RT for St Louis. She generally doesn't offer RTs in the Gazette and once convention is over, these kits are sold for 20-30% higher on her website.

 A close-up of the laser cut paper doily featured in her RT

 A real bargain at $5. Lisa Engler RT. The oval box can be used to hold mini items

 Carl Bronsdon RT--candy tin
 I used washi tape for the box covering instead of the stripe paper provided with the kit and it worked great
The canes are provided and you just cut into appropriate sizes and glue in place.

 The chocolate box tin RT from Carl Bronsdon. I need to create a candy shop featuring all his RTs

 Tiered Victorian plant stand RT from Ron Chase. You can use this for all sorts of displays--to hold plant pots, candy boxes, cakes, hats, shoes, plates of cookies or cupcakes etc etc

 See what I mean?

 RT from Lew Kummerow--moving St Louis arch with trains. A separate RT features tiny resin cast houses to make a village

 144 scale General Store RT from Amy Rauch

 Christmas house RT from Jenny Fortin

 Back side of the Christmas cottage

 Cabinet house RT from Sue Herber.

 HS dollhouse RT from Karen Benson. Unfortunately, it's little bit large for the OLHP centerpiece sofa, which is why I bought it

 Back side of the KB dollhouse

 The Man Cave roombox from Karen Benson. The roombox with wallpaper is one mega RT, and the box interior to make everything shown is another mega RT

 The Cave--get it? I messed up The cave bars are supposed to go inside the roombox, but I glued them on the outside by mistake

 This needs some beer, a DVD player, Wii console, DVDs, and speakers

 Making the sofa took the longest amount of time for this kit

 A tent birdhouse on a raft with fishing pole RT from Barbara Thornton-Hill. This is 1" scale. I finished this in 5 minutes. Everything has been pre-stained for you, so you all you have to do is glue.

Jelly cabinet RT from Dale Lovett. Comes with 2 graphics for the front and the interior has 2 shelves. Available in HS and QS.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

JoAnn Roberts dolls 2014

I asked permission to take these pics from JoAnn Roberts' sales table. She doesn't have a website and offers new dolls every year, so keeping track and describing the doll you want can be a challenge.

 The Ice Queen doll

 The Queen of Hearts doll

 The HS doll being taught in Greenville 2014

The bride doll

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

St Louis National Garage Sale

 Smiling volunteers ready to check you out

 The mad rush to get items

 The ever helpful Kim Ash and Karin Romani

 The grumpy guard at the door

This is the garage sale 30 minutes after opening!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

St Louis NAME Exhibits

QS quilt shop with Singer sewing machine frame by Elaine Levine

Thursday Night Project for Madison State Fair small scale houseparty in 2015. This is HS I believe

A vignette using roundtables, totebag favors and gifts from NAME's 40th Birthday in Charlotte

Vignette by Rachel Bonney in a popcorn bag/box

Peggy Tyler's craft room from 2014 online houseparty

Mary Engelbreit shop by Fay Zerbolio, I think

A ME QS house using the ME book as a roof by Fay Zerbolio

Terri Reasor's QS ME house

Another ME shop with a red hat lady

This is from a Sue Herber class, also inspired by Mary Engelbreit (ME)

This is by Peggy Tyler from Sue Herber class

The market stall by Peggy Tyler in Sue Herber cruise to France class

Beautiful HS display from "Butterfly"

Half scale Brooke Tucker White Christmas roombox

Beautiful bedroom from Charles Tebleman

144 scale Van Gogh house by Lynn Jensen

By Fay Zerbolio. Retro kitchen inside a "toaster oven" scrubby holder

1950s diner

I thought it was an excellent exhibit myself, don't you think?