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Friday, May 15, 2015

2015 Madison Exhibits

Exhibits are a great way to see miniatures up close in person and inspire you. The ones below are those that inspired me. I hope they inspire you, too.
 This little gem was created by Sally Lonn, including the dolls, based on a real kiosk in Washington State.

Look at those trays of food on the side.

 Cantina by Elaine Levine
 Fred Stephenson house kit by Faye Zerbolio. The house is lighted by her hubby so every room is well lit, making taking pictures easier.

 Someone is a Scott Walker fan.
 The real Scott Walker would no doubt get a kick if he ever sees this.
 A miniature vignette inside one of those food stand dishes--clever.

 This is actually 144 scale diner by Ruth Frank.

 QS attic by Ruth Frank
 The outside of the attic

 Book Nook by Ruth Frank

 144 scale boudoir inside 1" picture frame?

 by Loretta Snee. I have these boxes myself.....

 144 scale furnished house from Charlotte Atcher class/kit, Charlotte NAME Convention 2012

Hydrangea house, from Sue Herber kit/class

 2010 Seattle NAME Convention souvenir by Lew/Barb Kummerow, furnished

by Rosemary Shipman, from Debbie Young 2014 St Louis House class/kit 

by Rosemary Shipman--reminds me of D.Ruff's exquisite bedroom on her website

 by Rosemary Shipman, from Betterleys' Birchwood series


I have a soft spot for gypsy wagons