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Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013 Castine--Graduation Night

 Nancy Summers' leather tufted sofa class was so popular, they created THREE classes to accomodate people's choices.

 Jon Almeda's pottery class

Mark Murphy's class 

 Gold leaf is applied onto acrylic to create the gilded Imari look

 Corky Anderson's adobe roombox with amazing chairs

 Mary Grady O'Brien's Japanning painting class

Mary Grady O'Brien's folk art painting class 

Jamie Carrington's class 
Bonni Backe's class 

 Miyuki Kobayashi's goldfish aquarium class, another extremely popular choice among students. THREE classes were created to accommodate the demand.

 Beth Freeman-Kane's class

Graduation night is Friday, although class still takes place in the morning. Students exhibit their class projects while elegant h-or d'ouvres and wine are served. Everyone gets a diploma whether they finish their project or not.