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Monday, April 8, 2013

Carpenter Gothic Doll's House Cottage Cabinets

I bought these kits 3-4 years ago, but was too intimidated to work on them because of the size. The kits don't come with a picture showing how it looks when finished inside. But, since the Rainbow Row Doll's House Cabinets (see previous post) went together so fast, I dug these kits out and was able to finish all 5 kits over two evenings after work.

Overall size of the house cabinet: 1 5/8" H  1" W  3/8" D . The cover is 2 1/4" H.

The printie for the house has only a little bit of color, so I used coloring pencils to bring more color to the house printie. I would not use Sharpie pens because the ink will bleed through.


These kits include tiny little "artwork" to hang in your doll's house while the Rainbow Row House cabinets kits do not.

The instructions say to add drawer "knobs" by an ink pen dot. Use no hole beads instead--a lot easier and gives you 3D look.

My 7 yr-old son picked the order I took pictures of the houses. I need to white out the numbers. Haven't got around to it yet.

Pam sells these kits for $5 each, or you can get a free kit for each QS doll you buy from her. They are a great way to learn about 144 or microscale miniatures.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Rainbow Row Doll's House Cabinets

The GREEN house. I received this kit for purchasing one of Pam Junk's QS dolls (see previous post). Overall size 1 1/4" H 1" W 3/8" D.

Inside the GREEN HOUSE. The kit comes with tiny bits of wood and fabric to make the furniture shown.

The YELLOW HOUSE. Same size as above.

Furnishings made with the kit parts.


Inside the BLUE HOUSE.

Pam sells these kits for $5 each, or you can receive a free kit for each QS doll you purchase from her.
Don't be intimidated by the size. I finished all 3 of these cabinet doll houses in one evening. It's just gluing and painting. The instructions come with diagrams that tell you which parts to glue together. You match the wood piece to the diagram, read the instructions that go with the parts and go.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow Bedroom Box Quarter Scale

I bought this close out roombox kit with furniture kits from Pam Junk at the Spring 2013 Mini Miniature Online Show. I was able to finish everything as shown in one weekend.

The roombox is made from illustration board and foam board. Tip---you can adhere cotton fabric directly to illustration board using YES glue. I didn't notice any bubbles or buckling of the fabric.

The framed photograph on the right hand side of box was a sticker Pam used to keep contents of the kit parts inside the plastic bag. It looked quarter scale size to me, so I glued on 1/16" square stripwood and "painted" the "frame" with a black Sharpie pen---voila! Trash to treasure.

Quarter scale doll I bought from Pam Junk. Doll stands 1 1/4" high.

Back side view of the doll to show the teeny punched flowers on the hat.

Another doll purchased from Pam Junk.

Back side view of doll to show the tiniest seed beads I've ever seen (< 1mm wide) on the flowers.

A 3rd doll purchased from Pam Junk.

Back side view of the doll again using those teeny tiny seed beads in the flower centers.

Pam sells her quarter scale dolls on

Monday, April 1, 2013

Jene's Stuff

My online mini friend Jene Bondi shared pics of stuff she's done, so I am sharing them with all of you. Thanks, Jene!

Jene calls this "Bunny Butts".

Bunny Butts 2. Looks like it's contained in one of those ubiquitous plastic Easter eggs available around Easter.

144 scale (microscale) Teapot dwellings, made from Gayle Bailleargeon (sorry if I misspelled) kit. Outside view.

Back view of microscale Teapot House.

Half scale Tudor dollhouse from Robin Betterley (2010 NAME Seattle rountable offering). Outside view.

Tudor dollhouse back view. Furnished! (Furniture did not come with the roundtable kit).

Wedding cabinet. I can't tell which scale (please comment Jene). Looks like a lot of work.