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Monday, April 1, 2013

Jene's Stuff

My online mini friend Jene Bondi shared pics of stuff she's done, so I am sharing them with all of you. Thanks, Jene!

Jene calls this "Bunny Butts".

Bunny Butts 2. Looks like it's contained in one of those ubiquitous plastic Easter eggs available around Easter.

144 scale (microscale) Teapot dwellings, made from Gayle Bailleargeon (sorry if I misspelled) kit. Outside view.

Back view of microscale Teapot House.

Half scale Tudor dollhouse from Robin Betterley (2010 NAME Seattle rountable offering). Outside view.

Tudor dollhouse back view. Furnished! (Furniture did not come with the roundtable kit).

Wedding cabinet. I can't tell which scale (please comment Jene). Looks like a lot of work.

1 comment:

  1. 1/12 scale. Michael's cabinet. Bunka rug and I made all the veils. I use to make custom wedding dresses as one of my jobs in the past.

    Thanks Thuy for showing my things!