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Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013 Miniature Fantasies--Interesting Findings

These are real dried/preserved flowers/foliage that can be used in miniature settings (1" scale or smaller, depending on the flower/foliage). STRAWFLOWERS at top, SANFORDII, ANAPHALIS AND RICE FLOWER (bottom left to right).

MINI EUCALYPTUS, CANDYTUFT (celadon, dyed in many different colors), and MING FERN (from top to bottom). I bought these from MARGARET PENISTON ( She was selling 3 bags for $1, so a good way to try out these items without breaking the piggy bank.
Perfume bottles on a tray, $7 each. At Ron Chase's table.
Kits to make a QS Carousel & Gazebo, $5 each. Kits from Nancy Froseth, but at Ron Chase's sales table.

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