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Friday, June 28, 2013

2013 Castine New Artisans

 Frances Peterson

 Mariella Vitale

 Sandra Swisher
Erzsebet Bodzas

Jeanne Lindquist---Flowers

Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013 Castine Exhibits3

 Sue Veeder's Pottery Collection
 Sue Regessuie's Bakhtiari rug, 48 ct, 13 mos to stitch
 Diane Almeyda 2014 class proposal---brass firescreen
 Diane Almeyda
 Diane Almeyda
 Sis Blecman's painted floor cloth
 Sis Blecman's painted floor cloth
Pat Richards' prototype 17th cent band sampler 
 Siver & glass compote--Pete Acquisto & Jim Irish
 Wanli ewer--Pete Acquisto & Henry Staring Egbert
Diane Almeyda's table lamp collection---these were all for sale during Minis & Munchies 

 Janice Bonnet's QS carved chest front (very hard to get close up picture)
 Sis Blecman's casket *64 & 58 ct), Sander Blecman's marble top table
 Anne Snodgrass' Fishing Lady
 Bonnie Backe's Pottery Roombox
 Annelle Ferguson's PP Queen Anne chairs
Carol Wagner's Rose bush 
Rob Tukham's 2014 36-hour class  proposal (turning wood, acrylic, nuts)

 2014 class proposal

 Ann High
 Ann High
 Ann High 2013 class prototype
 Ann High

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2013 Castine Exhibits 2

 Miyuki Kobayashi's goldfish (next 3 pics)---extremely popular class this yr

 Cristina Minischetti's mosaic mirror--the mosaic "tile" is made from finely cut clay
 Cristina Minischetti's mosaic table
 Pat Hartman's Paint Box, Carol Hardy 2013 Williamsburg class
 Savanarola chair by Debora Beijerbacht
144 Victorian cottage Vicki McIver 

144 Victorian Cottage---Helen Man, Nell Corkin class

 Hellie Mans silver nut bowl & nut cracker, from Jen Torps class
 Bonsai & tree base all from clay
 Longchamp fruit plates by Christiane Lourier
Christiane Lourier's knitted baby dress, from Sharon deVries pattern 
Christiane lourier, from Sharon deVries pattern 

 Helen Man's guitar
 Iulia Chin Lee's 2014 class proposal (tray & nested bowls not part of class)
Iulia Chin Lee's Dutch Kas 
 Sandy Kraft's Breadbox 1950's Diner

Tim Kraft's roombox, from Bluette Meloney class 

 Pat Hartman's Dog's Library roombox
 Pete Kendall's 2014 class porposal--Vermont House Foyer
I estimate the roombox measures 10 x 12 x 12, which has a good chance of getting completed in 36 hr class
My favorite roombox---Becky Scroggins' Arts & Craft Vignette
Did you know you can use coriander seed pods as 1" walnuts?