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Saturday, June 20, 2015

2015 QC Convention--Table Gifts

Gazebo from Liz Barnes

brick planter from Ginger Anderson

beautifully painted tea set with cupcakes from Joan Webb

My big gift from Marilyn Filter, our wonderful table hostess

A photo for posterity--my big gift, which went to Donna Post

Had a great time opening up all my gifts today and chatting with everyone on Chatzy. So much fun. Will be interesting to see what prizes people will win as the week progresses.

2015 QC Convention--Mini Swaps

beautiful hat and camping lantern


 6 cupcakes

 miter box, hand saw, gauge & level, bag of supplies (ruler, cutting mat, xacto knife)--AMAZING
tray of watermelon slices

from Carol Shea

2 laser cut trellis with flowers from Liz West

Today we were able to open our boxes and look at all the goodies enclosed. I did really well in the swaps. Thank you so much to all for your gifts.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

2015 Madison Barn Project--a Tour of the Barn

Here's the side of the barn with working winch and doors that slide open and shut using 1/8" brads.

See? There's a slot that allows the doors upstairs and downstairs to open and shut. Very clever, and requires only simple items for the sliding mechanism.

This is the back view of the barn. Laura Graney gave me the idea to use the "extra" wall as a shield/dust cover for the 1st floor. I added a strip of "gutter" on each side so the wall can slide in and out. There is no back wall for the 2nd floor.

There's a bathroom for my mini family, bedroom for the kids and a bedroom for the parents on the 2nd floor. I made a "closet" for the bedrooms and "shelving unit" for the bathroom, which act as a wall/divider for the bedrooms from the bath,

Here's a close-up of the bathroom. I need to add some towels for the shelving unit. The bottom shelves hold soaps, shampoo, and toiletries.

See the hooks? That's to hold the ladder that allows my mini people to stow the ladder away--good way to prevent intruders from coming upstairs in the middle of the night!

Make sure you glue all furniture pieces 1/4" away from the wall so you can slide the 2nd floor in and out.

Here's a close-up of the bedrooms. I put hooks on the opposite railings so the ladder can stay in place or be stowed away.

See the brads upper left corner? They slide back and forth and hold onto the barn doors.

Here's the front of the work shed. The "lanterns" are courtesy of Janet Smith. The purple flowers were made from a kit courtesy of Charrita Teague. 

The chickens feeding are a RT from Barbara Ann Meyer. She provides yellow flocking for the chicks, but they are so tiny, I skipped that step.

The side of the work shed. The sunflower bench was made by Ginger Anderson, flowers made by me. The silo is very easy to make. The barn "quilt" is courtesy of Karen Benson.

Here's the corn fields grown my my wee family. The scarecrow, US flag (my wee family is very patriotic) are swap items. Bales of hay and chicken feed bags from Sue Spangler.

Here's a cow who provides milk for my wee family. The cow, trough, milk buckets are a RT from Becky Lipscomb. Stool is courtesy of Janet Smith. Faux vintage milk cans courtesy of Ginger Landon-Siegel. Starw hat from Deb Case.

Here's a view of the living room from the barn door.

Here's the kitchen and dining room

Here's the foyer

Inside the work shed. I need to fill those shelves. I added doors to my shed because there's too many valuable tools to just leave it without open.

The shingles of the shed overhang on the back side and are glued to the back wall and act as a hinge, so the ceiling of the shed can be flipped up and down easily for access. 

Another inside view of the shed. 

The saddle is a mega RT from Petworth Miniatures.