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Thursday, May 30, 2013

2013 Playtime Memories 1" swaps

Acorn/fall flower wreath---Kay Felde

Playtime Memories sheet cake---Ann Silverman

Toy log cabin---Becky Niethammer

Raggedy Ann/Andy cork board--Mary E Johnson

Colorful confetti apron--I lost the name tag of person who made this. It is nicely made and machine sewn, so will not fall apart, has 2 pockets in front.

Balancing bird toy---Charlotte Atcher

Ring Toss game--Linda Shepherd

Building Sticks and Construction paper book--Cheryl Brady, who also ran Hospitality Room

KY shopping bag & 2 jars candy--Sue Chambers

Xylophone w/sheet music---Eleanor Northrup

Bouquet of roses--Libby Lennex-Stone (Lesia Lennex's daughter)

Bobble clown---Robin Jeffries

ABC block wagon---Toni Mast

2 dog pull toys--Kathy Dearduff

4 cupcakes on a party plate---Sally Lonn

Horse riding stick? (can't remember what these are called)---Marcia Beardsley

Clown bean bag toss---Gayle Miller

Coat rack---Nancye Johnson

Cheese board, grapes, napkin holder AND re-usable tin container---Charrita Teague of Grapevine Miniatures

Kite & readable Little Family Paper Doll book--Barbara Hopkins

Checkers on child's play table---Babette Overman

Sit'n Spin toy---Kathy Valent

The best for last---shelf of assorted items from Kim Woods, who was in charge of swaps
Each shelf was different. My roommie received a shelf with a Ladies Victorian shop theme, mine is more in keeping with little girls playing make believe.

These are items I received in the swap. Every time I do these swaps, I always think, "Why didn't I think of that?" Thanks to all who participated and to Kim, who was a great swap coordinator.

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