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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Betterley Secret Books

Calling all MicroMini fanatics! Robin and Shawn Betterleys' Secret Books series now complete (almost). There are two more books planned but not yet revealed.

Here is a listing of the Secret Book series (

1- The Fairy Princess Amme
2- Castle Spells
3- A Thrilling Halloween
4- A Visit from St. Nick
5- Herbs and Teas
6- Birchwood
7- Bunny Tails
8- Cabin Fever
9- Liberty & Freedom
10- Sweet Annie's Storybook
11- Adventures of Lydia Miss Pickett
12- Flutterbye Butterfly
14- Loaf & Ladle

All book kits  are 144 scale or smaller, except Loaf & Ladle which is quarter scale. All books have separate interior furnishings for sale except for A Visit from St. Nick which comes with a Xmas tree printie for embellishment. There is also a table/shelf to hold all the books.

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