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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paper Minis

You can create a lot of dollhouse miniatures with ordinary paper and "printies." Paper Minis by Ann Vanture provides a lot of printies for this purpose. She also makes wonderful kits for making your own DH books.

Sign up for her newsletters, and you will automatically receive free printies from her every week or other week. All printies are provided in PDF format and is a breeze to save and print. Most printies will be sized for 1", half scale, quarter scale, or doll scale (1:3 or 1:6). February is the month where for every $5 spent in her shop, you receive an equal mount of printies from her stash (she says they're not to her standards, but I couldn't see anything wrong with them).

The newsletters provide announcements for new kits on offer, special sales, interesting sites around the web (focusing on miniatures, of course). She has a gingerbread decorating contest (printie on her site) every yr where you can win a $75, $50 etc gift certificate from her website based on who gets most votes from her readers. Last year (2010), only three people entered the contest, so they all won something.  She has also started a contest for people who submit the best printie (voted by newsletter readers) and they also get a gift certificate to use on her products.

You can really accumulate quite a bit over time. Check it out.

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