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Monday, September 10, 2012

Mini Finds at Hobby Lobby

Below are finds in the Beads/Jewelry section of Hobby Lobby that could be used as miniature items (as of Sept 2012). HL has sales weekly, so be sure to look when they have these items 40-50% off retail price. If you do not have a Hobby Lobby locally, they have a website The pics have the BRAND NAMES and ITEM # if you would like to look them up.

1" scale books (non-opening). Each book 1/8 d x 11/16w x 1" h

1" scale frame 1 7/8 x 1 1/2 x 1/16; rose 10mm w x 5mm h; bird 1 1/4 x 7/8 x 1/16

QS vanity table 1 3/8 h x 3/4 w x 7/16 d

Doll's dollhouse? 1 3/8 w x 1 1/8 h x 1/4 d

Dollhouse locket opened up---FULLY FURNISHED!

1" scale or QS, 11/16 w x 13/16 h x 1/16 d

suitable for QS (chest doesn't close); 3/8 w x 5/16 h x 3/16 d

QS guitars (comes in different colors); 5/8 h x 1/4 w x 1/16 d
QS motorcycle; 7/8 w x 1/2 h x 1/8 d

1" scale silver box w/engraving (box opens); 5/8w x 1/2 h x 5/16 d
1" scale or QS box w/enragving (box opens); 3/8w x 5/16h x 3/8d

2" high bottlebrush trees (not including base)
You get better selection of Xmas minis in the fall rather than after Xmas, so shop now. These items are typically gone day after Xmas.


Styrofoam balls. These are  2-3mm wide. Add paint.
I see 1" scale grapes/blueberries; QS oranges.

I see 1"scale crunchy snow. Add paint--->1" scale lettuce, flower foam for QS project (would need to mince even further with scissors or chopping knife)


  1. Oh, I love the dollhouse charm that opens up, so cute.

  2. great finds there Thuy! love the motorcycle.
    gsolfot refugee

  3. Mine has had some (but not all!) of these items. Probably a good thing LOL

    Thanks for the finds!