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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Canon Creative Park Printies

Canon, the world famous maker of digital cameras, camcorders, printers, etc, also provide FREE PRINTIES  ( click here) as a way of promoting their products and using their products (printers, ink cartridges, photo papers) to make the various projects they provide on their website.

Miniaturists are known for being clever and re-using everyday products to suit their needs, so this should be no different.

Under PAPERCRAFT, you can find various paper BUILDINGS and TOYS to make. Most projects take reams of paper, but there are relative miniature buildings to make that use less than 10 sheets of paper. Be sure you print preview before you print out, or you'll likely run out of ink. If you are computer savvy, you could figure out a way to reduce the size of the printie to meet miniature size standards and reduce the number of paper you need to make the project.

Under SCRAPBOOK are many scrapbook paper backgrounds that can be used for real life scrapbook paper, an assortment of wallpaper or scrapbook paper for your miniature scrapbook shop, scrapbook pages complete with real life photos to make a miniature scrapbook.

Under ART tab, and CHIYOGAMI, you can find paper backgrounds suitable for Asian or Japanese theme wallpaper, for making paper kimono, etc. There are brick herringbone pattern suitable for some flooring projects.

There's also CALENDAR formats for real life or miniature sized calendars.

Under PHOTO GALLERY there are photographs (dogs, cats, beaches etc) that could be re-sized to suit your miniature needs.

Higaki-mon (red)Kakitsubata-mon (ochre)Seigaiha-mon (red)
Kikkou-mon (green)Fuji-mon (light blue)Ichimatsu-mon (green)

A sampling of CHIYOGAMI papers found on the Canon Creative Park website.

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