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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LED Magnifier Floor Lamp 5X Magnification for less than $50---DO NOT BUY

Full-Page Magnifier Floor Lamp

Yes, you heard right. It can be purchased at

I can't vouch for the light, not having purchased it yet, but it can't be any worse than the Mighty Brite floor magnifying lamp I purchased for the Door Buster price of $50 from Joann's last yr (2011) during their Black Friday weekend. The Mighty Brite lamp works great for me, especially if you do petitpoint (needlepoint on higher than 30 holes per inch canvas). The Mighty Brite only has 2X magnification, but it does wonders.

This is the 24" ruler with level on the website for $6.95. The handle bar looks like it would be useful.

They have a lot of interesting knick knacks for sale, not all miniature related, but all at great prices.
I signed up for their newsletter, but so far they have not offered any free shipping. However, the shipping charges don't seem outrageous, so I may bite the bullet and purchase the above two items.

UPDATE: I couldn't resist and bought the floor lamp "magnifier". 5X magnification is a joke. The "magnifier" is a cheap-o plastic piece and not a GLASS MAGNIFIER found in legit magnifiers. I am returning the item, although not everything they sell is a bust. Just read the description and fine print carefully (you may have to read between the lines as well).

I apologize for making this recommendation and hope no one fell for this like I did. I think I'm going to delete this post after one month.

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