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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Using Scenic Cement

Scenic Cement
I picked up this tip from Harva Basinger of Harva's Little Things (OKC).

You can find Scenic Cement in the model train/airplane section of Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Hobby Town USA.

This is a WATERY form of GLUE. That's why they also sell a SPRAYER for the glue.

Here's how you use it.

For quarter scale or 144 scale projects when you are laying out grass foam etc.

First you spread on a tacky glue (Elmer's glue works just as well).

Then you sprinkle on your grass foam etc.

Shake off the excess and most of the time you will see only 50% of the foam has stuck.

Now you have 2 options---you can wait for the glue to dry before applying another layer of glue and sprinkle your foam again. If you try to place glue on before it has dried completely, you'll end up taking off the foam you just sprinkled and you have a messy goo on your glue spreader.

This is where Scenic Cement comes in handy. What I do is I take a dropper (if you have young children, droppers that come with the liquid medicines work great or you can get disposable droppers from American Scientific Surplus) and suck up some Scenic Cement and I add DROPS of Scenic Cement onto the grassy area. Now you can sprinkle another layer of grassy foam etc and NO MESS. You can do this repeatedly until you are satisfied with your coverage.

Don't overdo the Scenic Cement. Because it is so watery, you can warp the wood if you add too much of the Cement.

When it is dry, you can shake your structure and you will see the foam has adhered and there's no bare spots.

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