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Monday, January 28, 2013

Williamsburg Lodge

I attended my first IGMA Guild School ever at Williamsburg this past January 2013. Classes for the Williamsburg IGMA Guild School are held yearly in January. Classes and special room rates are provided to attendees at the Williamsburg Lodge. The Lodge is a WONDERFUL place to stay at. Every 10 steps throughout the Lodge is a photo opportunity. Below are some pics inside the Lodge.

This is a typical room found at the Lodge with two queen sized beds, but you can also request a king size bed. Mattresses are FIRM to EXTRA FIRM. My room came with a digital thermostat so you can set to the room temperature to your liking. There is a FLAT SCREEN TV with satellite cable. A small little SAFE is also available in the room for your valuables. The theme and furniture style throughout the Lodge is Williamsburg all the way with art work and knick knacks based on their collection. I would characterize the Lodge as : classy, easy elegance, high quality.

This is the bathroom. Black granite countertops. There is a Keurig coffeemaker in the bath so you can brew your own coffee or tea at no additional charge. The shower head is just so-so (ie. not spa-like), but everything is immaculately clean and the water temperature is responsive to the knob dial controls.

Dollhouse scale woven miniature rugs. Art work hung in the bathroom.
More art work found in my room.


  1. Thuy, envy green! I love those woven miniature rugs! have fun and I am looking for more report on your journey! Natalia

  2. What a beautiful room and I love the artwork. Castine is nothing like this but you will have the time of your life. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip.