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Thursday, May 23, 2013

2013 Lexington Roundtables

1" Posable Rag Doll Red or Blue Dress, Sandra Whipple
Middle shelf--QS boy or girl gnome doll in a trunk, Sue Herber

Top shelf--QS Plant Stand (L) or shelf unit (R), Linda Tulchinsky
2nd shelf--QS Trestle table & chairs (L) or Medieval bed (R), Michelle Faleshock
3rd shelf--1" Cinderella carriage (L) or Peter's House (R), Charlotte Atcher
Bottom shelf--1" Andrew or Annie Doll Sewing kit, Dorothy Hansen

 Top shelf--1" no-sew child's art smock, Robin Jeffries

2nd shelf--1" Teddy Bear Cookie tin (real clay teddy bear cookies) or playtime dress-up set, Carolyn Eiche

3rd shelf--1" or HS Teapot, Karen Barone

4th shelf--1" or HS Humpty Dumpty, Skip Ketchum

Bottom shelf--1" or QS Funky Birdhouse on legs, Karen Marsh

Xylophone 1" or HS or QS, Martie Tyler

QS kitchen play center or car push cart & riding toy duck, Teresa Callender [the kit for the car push cart has a picture that looks like you're getting TWO push carts, but you only get ONE. I think it was taken that way to illustrate the toy before and after painting. However, you do get a laser cut acrylic gluing jig to help you assemble and glue the toy. Just beware the jig is only 1/2" wide, so don't lose it]

Bottom shelf--1" or HS or QS Block castle, Sue Ann Ketchum [the wood pieces come pre-painted, so should assemble quickly]

in the back---1" or HS or QS Horse Teeter Totter, Dale Lovett

Middle---1" laser cut wood toy cart, Marilyn Littleford

Front---1" or HS or QS Play kitchen, Susan Karatjas [the hot item of the evening, but fortunately Susan had cut a lot of these. They ran out of the HS, which shocked Nick to no end. I was able to buy extras of the 1" and QS in the salesroom after the event was over]

 Back--QS "space fantasy" boy bed (L) or "fairytale castle"  girl bed, Jean Scribner pictured with Susan Farnik's QS boy bedroom roombox or girl bedroom roombox

Front--1" or HS or QS Tudor style doll's dollhouse, Karen Benson

1" dollhouse bookcase w/6 accessories, Fay Liner
Fay was the 1st mini person I saw when I arrived at the hotel and informed me the hotel had no elevators.

Top---1" Halloween or Easter candy basket, Katherine Price [the Fimo candy is ready made, the Easter basket form is all done for you & the Easter basket kit comes with a jig to make the bow seen]

Middle--1" or HS or QS Little Dolly in porcelain, Winnifred Holloway [the only people who could get their hands on these super hot items were those who bought during the Pre-sale period. Even the 1st 10 people in line to buy during official sale hour were told EVERYTHING (all scales) was sold out]

Bottom--picture isn't good, but supposed to show Abby Vukovich's HS or QS mailbox with flower landscape base and Valentine letters in the mailbox

Top--1" Bead toy or 6 Playskool Little People, Kim Wood
Middle--QS Glamour girls (2) or tiny dancers (2), Barbara Meyers
Bottom---QS Roll the Dice lamp set of two, red (boy) or pink (girl), Rhonda Keef

Bottom---1" folded paper gift boxes, set of 14, Janet Chase (these are pre-cut, just fold & glue)

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