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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2013 Castine Exhibits

 Pod Roombox by Paris Renfro, Barbara Davis Collection
 Intarsia chandelier, Ursula S
 Gold birdcage by Ursula S ($500)

Michele Carter's Authentic Williamsburg Xmas decorations, 2008 Pete Kendall class 

Laurie Ben Dov's roombox 
 Paintings from Hodgson, Landsman & Ben Dov

 George Hoffman's roombox
Karin Foster's Dragon Lair Castle 
Daniela specializes in dolls 

 Mark Murphy

 Mary Grady O'Brien
 Mary Grady O'Brien

 Marge Sauter's Farmhouse Sink Roombox
 Marge Sauter's Persian cat among poppies

Connie Sauve's brass bed vignette, from Bill Robertson class 2012--students had to turn 180 pieces to make the bed
Gisele Hanson's chair collection 
Gisele Hanson's chairs 
Gisele Hanson's chairs 
 Adelaide McCann's multi-scale multimedia roombox
 Adelaide McCann
 Adelaide McCann
 Beth Freeman Kane's Barn Owl with Dinner
 Beth Freeman Kane's Country Kitchen
Beth Freeman Kane's The Nest Egg

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