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Friday, July 19, 2013

2013 Castine Open House

 Pete Kendall's class prototype
 Close-up of the cage
 Exterior of Pete's roombox
 Pat Richards' adobe roombox

 Ceiling of adobe roombox
The fireplace is made from foamcore and then stuccoed with spackle 
 Bill Studebaker's Welsh dresser class
Bill Studebaker's class 
 Cristina Miniscetti's mosaic tile class. The "tile" are made from clay, cut into 2-3 mm square pieces and then laid by hand to make a picture mosaic
 Cristina Miniscetti

Cristina Miniscetti's gingerbread house and Xmas candy class 

Nantucket class 

The canes have to cut into strips, sanded down in thickness to be in scale, and highly labor intensive to make despite looking "simple" 

 The sander used to "thin" the cane strips
Diane Almeyda's class. If you ever wondered why her items are so expensive, it's because she uses sterling silver and glass to make her items 

 Bonni Backe's tassel class
The looms included with Bonni's class to weave simple ribbons 

 Bonni's class prototype
 Annelle Ferguson's class

Kari Bloom's crazy quilt sofa 

The bare bones of Kari's sofa 
 Fabric patterns created by Kari from Paint Shop program and then printed on inkjet printer

Nancy Summer's class 

Nancy Summers' leather tufted sofa class 
The leather is as soft as butter 
Fran Sussman's 144 scale craftsman room interior 
 Tim Kraft's craftsman lamp
Pete and Pam Boorum's class 
 Carol Hardy's class

Jamie Carrington's class, sculpting dolls. If you ever take Jamie's class, bring a light jacket--he likes his class cold. 
 Ursula Skovsted's flower sconce class
 Ursula's radio class. The pattern is cut with a fret saw.
 Bill Robertson's class. It looks like "ivory" but is actually highly polished bone given to dogs to chew.
 Bill Robertson's other class

Ann High's carving class 
 Ann High's other class
Mark Murphy's class 
Hiroyuki Kimura's class. Everything is made from clay, except for the tree trunk which is twisted wires 
Hiroyuki's demonstration of his paint technique to simulate a tree trunk. He is a masterful painter.

Wednesday and Thursday evenings are Open House, where the instructors stay in their classroom (after dinner) and students can visit each class to see the class prototype, ask questions about how the project was created etc. Seeing how the class is taught vs a single black-and-white picture with a one-paragraph description is like night and day.

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