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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 NAME National Convention Tucson--Houseparty Helpers

Multi-scale Peter Rabbit hutch donated Nancy Wantiez
from Carol Menze-Guimond 

 1" lighted craft roombox from Luci Hanson

Ladies Hat Shop from Mini Maniacs of Phoenix 

 QS Pink Tea Party from Grace Mlynowski (Barbara Larison of KS)

 1" ME Lunch Box vignette from Donna Johnson

QS ME Fireplace roombox from Donna Johnson 

QS ME House donated by Donna Johnson, won by Kim Wood, who re-gifted to Terri Reasor 

from Small World Mini Club 

 QS Upstairs Craft Room donated Luci & Dick Hanson

 This looks like the cover from Miniature Gazette a while back

donated Girls in the Garage 

 closet bed vignette Arizona State Day project, Donna Hendricks wicker, donated Susan Petticrew

Dolly & her Dollhouse 3D vignette donated Ginger Landon Siegel, won by Kim Wood 

 Market Stall kits basket donated Suzanne Larson Tamburo

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