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Saturday, July 19, 2014

2014 St Louis NAME National Convention--the Hotel

Hello everyone.

It has been a long time since I posted anything. Wasn't sure anyone was even reading my posts, but was pleasantly surprised to find that a few more people were interested enough to sign up for the posts. Thank you to all new subscribers!

The 2014 NAME National Convention in St Louis has been GRRREAT!!!!

So here is my 1st post on this very busy week. We start with the hotel--the Marriott at St Louis Airport. I'm not even sure where the airport is, as I drove to the convention hotel site instead of flying, and I have not really heard the rumble of planes taking off overhead, if that kind of thing bothers you. 

Here is my hotel room with the standard double queen bed. The hotel was recently renovated and it's like stepping into the pages of a Crate & Barrel, West Elm or Pottery Barn catalog, which is to say the hotel's decor is retro modern with streamlined modern furniture in neutral shades of gray, taupe, chocolate brown, ecru and splashes of bright color. 

The beds are comfortable with crisp, white, cotton sheets, goose-down comforters, goose-down pillows (you get 6 pillows per bed).

The flat screen TV looks small, but it's actually 42-50" large. You get the standard cable stations with one station for HBO. The little cabinet below the TV hides a little fridge. The bottled water is not free, and unfortunately, there is no personal coffee maker with complimentary tea or coffee packets.

They do have a Starbucks in the lobby area, which I visited daily in the morning and noon for caffeination and sandwiches. 

Sandwiches are pretty decent size and include choices of ham, turkey, chicken breast (not often) and roast beef, for $5.

The brownies are very good---thick, gooey, rich, chocolate with toasted pecan on top or rich chocolate frosting, and average $4.

The coffee is typical Starbucks-ridiculously expensive, but the ladies behind the register are nice.

 I just wanted to show more of the modern decor in the hotel ambience. I liked the little leather stool/bench as a catch-all for luggage, purses, and a full-length mirror to inspect yourself before heading out the door.

 Here is a little sitting area with those mid-century chairs. There's not much of a view out the window unless you're lucky enough to look out onto the pool, which is very stylish and nice.

Here is some art work hanging on my bedroom wall. In the public restrooms of the lobby, they have hanging black and white portrait size photos of movie stars like Audrey Hepburn, Robert Wagner and other celebrities boarding a plane or in an airport lobby.

Here is my nightstand. The furniture in the room is ALL open shelving. There are no chest of DRAWERS. In the closet, you have a little space for hanging your clothes and 4 open shelves for your clothes. It's minimalism. Good to not accidentally leave behind items in drawers, but housekeeping and any guests will be able to see what your underwear looks like. There's a small lock in the closet to safeguard your valuables.

Right below the lamps are 2 electrical outlets for essentials like charging your cell phone and laptop and 2 on/off switches for the lamp. I found that really convenient.

I didn't include pictures of the bathroom--pictures just too hard to get right. Bathroom is tight, but there are granite countertops and either marble floors or ceramic tiles that look like marble. It's nice.

Funny thing--housekeeping will only leave you one roll of toilet paper. I ran out one night and called about it to front desk. They were very polite, apologized, and when I left my room that morning there was a roll of paper outside my door. BUT when I came back later after housekeeping had tidied up my room, there were no EXTRA roll of toilet paper. I just found that really odd. I can understand conservation measures, but being stingy on toilet paper, at a hotel no less? Really!

I thought maybe it was just me, but during one of my theme luncheons, another lady at the table brought up the exact same've been warned.

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