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Monday, August 4, 2014

More photos inside St Louis Airport Marriott Hotel

 The hotel doesn't really have a lot of lounge areas, but the space in the glass enclosure facing the front served as small sitting areas with bright sunlight streaming through.

 A sampling of modern artwork adorning the walls of public corridor

 Planters in hotels are always massive compared to ordinary homes

Modern "wave" planters to inspire you

 A little sitting area next to where the salesroom and registration for NAME. This is where you could browse and pick up brochures promoting upcoming mini shows and events.
The art on the wall could be created in miniature using quilling paper I'm thinking

Another sampling of modern art in the hotel. You can create your own modern masterpiece scribbling with pen on paper--make it big for framing!

Can't do anything without consulting the black board for schedule of events & location of event.

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