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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

St Louis National Theme Luncheon and ME Gala souvenirs

 The 2 chairs and table are souvenir gifts received at the ME Gala with Mary Engelbreit, native St. Louisian, as guest of honor. Not pictured are daisy shaped cookies and a pin created by ME special for the occasion, that all Gala guests received.

It was a sold-out affair with dinner on the 42nd floor of Kemoll's restaurant, which gives the diner unobstructed 360 degree views of downtown S. Louis and the famous Golden Arch.

ME signed about 250 books and posed for pictures with everyone who asked for an autograph. Jean Scribner, official NAME photographer, generously took photos of everyone who came up to shake hands and meet ME.

I felt sorry for ME having to sign her name 200 times and getting blinded by flashing camera bulbs, but I guess that's the price of fame. She was a good sport about it.

 This is what I made in a class with Carolyn McVicker. We learned to make tostada chips, guacamole, tostada bowl, carrot sticks, celery sticks, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower florets, sour cream with chopped vegetables, salad dip, and how to paint fiesta style plates with Gallery Glass paints.

Cucumbers were made for us. All the clay had been pre-mixed for us since it was a half-day class.

If you take a full day class with Carolyn, she makes you learn how to blend your own food clay.

It was a very good class with lots of learning tips. Everyone received a tostada bowlmold made from silicone.

 The Huck Finn doll received from Pat Boldt theme luncheon, "How I make Dolls". It was an interesting presentation for me, since I have never taken a theme luncheon with Pat.

One good tip I received from Pat was to use a Butterfly needle as a glue stopper for the fine tip glue bottles. Pat says a lot of things that claim to be "stainless steel" are not truly stainless, and can cause metal to rust over time and spot your glue. The butterfly needles used when they draw your blood at the doctor's clinic or hospital are truly stainless steel, so ask for one the next time you have your blood drawn.

 This is the Baby House cabinet for a 1 inch scale dollhouse that we received at Lew and Barbara Kummerow's theme luncheon in St. Louis. They specialize in making antique toys in 1 inch scale or smaller.

I had a hard time hearing what Lew was saying, but the lunch was great.

This 144 scale dollhouse I received at a Kummerow theme luncheon at Cleveland's NAME National convention. It's a reproduction of the very 1st dollhouse they sold when they began their miniature business many years ago.

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