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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Meals at 2014 St Louis NAME National Convention

These  pictures are just to make you hungry and represent the meals we received during our 3 meal functions. It's been too long to remember when I ate what.

The worst meal in terms of quality and quantity was the Thursday Opening luncheon when the main entree was a salad, a bread roll and a small dessert. Some people got their meal late or not at all.

The best meal was the Saturday banquet and Sunday brunch was not too bad either.

Best of all was winning one of the table centerpieces. I got one of the EXTRA table centerpieces because more centerpieces were created than they had actual tables for number of people registered, so I was one of 3 people who received an extra table centerpiece, and it was a great one.

Not too bad for sitting at "unlucky" table number 13.

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