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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Quarter Corner Pub

 For 2014, the NAME Day project is a "Cozy Corner" bench and table. I participated in the Quarter Connection version of the NAME Day project, which created a Pub around the Cozy Corner bench.

Here is the front view of my Pub.

Unfortunately, this year's project didn't include a base and display box, so to really be complete, I need to create a base and some landscaping. That's going to be a one-of-these-days project.

But at least I've completed the structure and interior. Yay!

 Right side of the Pub

 I added a chimney to the Pub, which was not part of the kit.

 The chimney hides the battery holder, on-off switch and excess wiring to the LED bulb.

I used some scrap wood to create the chimney and left over stone exterior graphic to blend in with rest of structure.

The chimney opens and closes using a paper hinge.

 Here's the interior of my Pub.

The best part of the project was filling it up with the swap items I received.

Having light for this project was really needed because everything is so dark--dark wood timbers, brown ceiling, brown-red plaid wallpaper, wood floors. Brown, brown, brown everywhere.

Without the light above, I doubt you could make anything out unless seen in person in daylight.

After posting this blog, I was taking a shower this morning 10/27 and realized my big GOOF. I should have placed my fireplace on the same side as the chimney and the bar in the center. Aargh!

Too late now. Everything is glued in, and I would ruin the wallpaper and flooring trying to move it around. Can't believe how DUMB I was.

Oh well, this stands as my personal Tower of Pisa.

Readers, learn from my mistake. If you  put in a fake chimney, put your fireplace on the side with your chimney on the outside!

 A close-up view of the left side of the Pub. There's a bowl of heather, grapes and fish and chips on the Cozy Corner table.

I also received a barrel table with three stools, a tray of wine bottles with grapes and cheese platter, and some wine glasses. The tray with 2 wine bottles, grapes and cheese board are from Carol Cooper (wow!!!).

 The center barrel table has a bowl of nuts, checkerboard and game of draughts courtesy of Heather Drinkwater for guests to while away their time.

The silver framed picture to left of fireplace is from Nellie Miller.

 A buxom bar maid is ready to serve lots of grub to guests. There's a broom ready to clean up in case guests get in a brawl.

I didn't get near as many bottles of spirits and wine as I would have liked, so I filled the back of bar with bottles made from Karen Benson's (The Quarter Source) laser cut bottles from acrylic. You color the bottles with Sharpie pens (yellow, brown, red, green, orange, purple work well), color the bottle lids black/silver/gold and cut out the teeny tiny spirit labels included with kit and glue on each bottle for realism.

 Someone once commented to me, "I don't know how you finish so many projects."

Easy! Participate in the swaps that occur when this kind of event takes place and USE them. I got this tip from a fellow miniaturist and I've been following it ever since.

In the swap, you make 20+ items (all the same) following the theme of the project. Mail them in, and you get 20 items from 20 other people. It's amazing how this kind of exchange can enhance any project. For items I can't use, I save and take out to use for another future or past project. It's a real time saver and makes all your projects that much more special because each item is sort of like a time capsule for that particular time.

The pictures BELOW are items I received in my swap for this project. This way I have a picture of what I received and who made what. Thank you to all who made these items. I hope you can see how they were used in my Quarter Corner Pub.

2 trays of fish and chips with 2 glasses from Lesia Lennex. These are on the corner bench table.

 Ceiling fan, tray of food with cup of coffee, and a nice box that I can re-use from Tonia. I used all items in my Pub.

 From Barbara Striethorst. The laser cut letters will come in handy one day. I used the table and stools for left side of my Pub.

 I put the dart board cabinet from Annilee Taylor on left wall of Pub.

 I used one of the framed pictures from Penny Whytlaw to the right of fireplace. The bowl of heather is on the cozy corner table.

 I used the Guinness sign from Gayle Baillargeon (I was at Gayle's table in Tucson NAME National--she always gives away a laser cut item as a gift if you are fortunate enough to be part of her swap group) on the interior door. Couldn't find a place for the rest at this time, but will come in handy, I'm sure, one day.

 Some grapes on a board from Elaine Desmarais. This is on the cozy corner table.

 Another dartboard from Donna Post. Will be saved for another project.

 A mirror, framed rooster print and rooster rug from Sheila Barker. I put the rooster rug in front of the fireplace of my Pub. It's kind of fancy for a Pub, but adds a touch of class.

 This was cute--a broom from Doris Alderman. The bristles are from an ecru chenille stem--clever!

 A candle, 2 bowls of nut and a silver mug from Carol Collins. Used them all.

It's a good thing I took pictures. As I am writing this, I realized was missing one bowl of nuts so I went looking for it and found it in my trash cup! Whew. That was a close one.

 A coat rack from Lela Krieger. To be saved for another project.

 A table lamp, silver frame clock?, flower window box from Linda Clark. Used them all.

 Crystal decanters and wine bottle from Mary Wrenn. Used them all.

 A sheet cake from Betty Perry. To be saved for another project.

 A beautiful barrel table with draughts board and box from Heather Drinkwater. Used in center of Pub.

 A condiment tray and microwave from Carl Shea. I thought of putting the microwave in the shelf behind the bar, but you wouldn't be able to see it, so it would be waste for such a cute item.

The condiment tray is on the bar to lure customers in.

 A cash register from JoAnn Jacot. It's on the bar.

 A pub sign from Ninalu Bovensiep. It's on the side with the chimney.

 A bar table and printies. I wish I had received some bar stools. My bar needs some stools.

 A cute pub sign from Terri Young. I put on the outside of pub, side without chimney.

 A buxom blonde babe from Jackie Williams. I originally thought she would be a customer coming inside, but placed her behind the bar--more likely to attract male customers, LOL.

Thank you Jackie! This is fabulous. I find having dolls really makes a scene come alive.

A tray of wine glasses and cheese board from Diane Fisher. I used the wine glasses, but saving the cheese for another project.

Thanks for looking!

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