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Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 NAME National Indy--the Gala, the hotel, and Theme Luncheons

If you didn't attend the NAME National convention in Indianapolis, you missed out on some fabulous souvenirs. Theme luncheons were excellent. Food was very good. I took 3 classes in making food and learned a lot from all three. Here is a belated summation of how it went down.

This is inside the museum where the Gala took place. The brick facade is a from a school built ?and is seen as you enter the museum. The modern half of the museum is built with concrete, glass and steel.

This picture was taken from stairs leading to the museum proper and where the Gala took place. The tables on the right held silent auction items, left side was where we were seated for sit down dinner.

The "museum" didn't have much to showcase in terms of miniatures or Raggedy Ann. The 3 pictures above were the best items in my mind of what was available for public viewing. Nice building, sparse items to look at. 

The pictures below are items sold at silent auction. I did not take pictures of every single item up for auction, only the ones that interested me. My QS Art Deco building ended up on the silent auction block and was won by Carol Phlegley, who incidentally sat at my table in Lexington KY, so I thought that was nice. There were also real food baskets up for auction--each basket represented the best or most iconic items from various states donated by Board members.

1" scale patio seating with nice upholstery from back when Cindy did 1" [now she works almost exclusively in QS].

More donation from Cindy McDaniel

QS market stall from Suzanne Larson-Tamburo kit introduced for NAME National n Tucson. It is no longer available.

This set was painted by Gwen Campbell

Collection of Reutter porcelain miniatures, donated by Kim Wood, won by Judith Meyer

This is the latest house kit from and donated by Suzanne Larson-Tamburo

Our dinner place setting at the Gala

The Gala dinner was excellent. Here's our salad wrapped up in slice of cucumber

The main dinner entree was chicken, but the meat was moist, tender and flavorful--one of the best chicken I've ever had. The sauce for the chicken was fantastic.

Here's our dessert--chocolate, chocolate, whipped creme and cheesecake. It was decadent.

The film makers of "Think Small". It was advertised that we would see a documentary film, which I thought meant a one-hour documentary, but we watched maybe the beginning of a good documentary on miniatures featuring the likes of Nell Corkin, Bill Studebaker, but it was only 10-15 minutes long. In short, the film has not been completed yet and remains a work in progress. 

Here's our Gala gifts all wrapped up prettily in Raggedy Ann red, white and blue.

A framed Raggedy Ann and teddy bear print from Kim Wood

A Raggedy Ann-style house, 1.5" high x 0.75" deep x 7/8" wide
Back side of the Raggedy Ann house. This was created by Sue Herber

The side of the Raggedy Ann house

The front entrance of the hotel, framed by greenery

Facing the front entrance is a wide expanse/wall marble fireplace with see-through glass fireplace insert, allowing you to see the bar on the other side. The hearth provided great seating as we waited to get in to the Garage Sale and Round Table salesroom.

A side view of the double sided glass and marble fireplace
See the bar on the left side?
A wall of real trees and greenery against right side wall of the hotel lobby

Flowers in the hotel lobby foyer
If you ever want to make oversized trees and plants in miniature, make it a hotel setting

A little sitting area off of the hotel lobby
A small lounge area on the way to the hallway leading to where convention activities took place
Another view of the lounge area as you enter the hall leading to elevators going to the bedrooms
A little technology hub for the hotel and guests
Another flower centerpiece in the foyer
Tropical plants in the foyer
Coleus and monstera? outside of the hotel
Pool area in the courtyard area of the hotel
Patio in the courtyard


Theme Luncheon gift from Sue Herber--a Raggedy Ann Trunk house, front view

Side view of Raggedy Ann trunk house

Back view of Raggedy Ann trunk house

The other side of Raggedy Ann Trunk house

Inside view of the Raggedy Ann trunk house by  Sue Herber

I ate the salad before I took a picture of it. Here's the dessert at Gwen Campbell's theme luncheon

An elephant ear sponge, paint palette for mixing or holding various paint colors, and tips from a pro for painting your own miniatures

Steps to painting: transfer your design to wood furniture with graphite (not carbon paper, carbon smears, graphite doesn't) paper and hardest pencil lead available (6H recommended. Hard lead means lighter pencil line, but also less smearing while soft leads have darker lines but smears)-->painting from top to bottom, right to left (if right-handed) so as to avoid messing up your handiwork.

Our luncheon gift: hand painted Adirondack chair and stool featuring Indiana state bird Cardinal and state flower Peonies. Beautiful.

Gwen also gave away a set of paint brushes to the person who got the most number of correct answers to a quiz she had on the color wheel, and it wasn't me. I should have taken some art classes in college. All in all, if you ever get a chance to attend Gwen's theme luncheon, do it--you will walk away with a beautiful set of painted furniture and learn the basics, or at least the approach to painting miniatures.

This is my 3rd Kummerow theme luncheon, and I'd have to say this is my favorite by far. In general, you have a hard time hearing them talk because the sound gets lost in the 20 foot high ceilings, but who goes to a theme luncheon to actually hear a talk? Everyone goes because they want the GIFT.

This year's theme was Toy Kitchens through history. It's the most detailed TL gift by far--a keeper. The roombox is 1" high, 1-3/16" deep and 2.25" long

This is the Cobb salad we had at the Kummerow theme lunch

Here's our dessert at Kummerow TL

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