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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Janet Granger Shell Pink Handbag kit

I finished this in one day. Simple pattern. 32 count silk gauze, 2 strands needed for coverage. Finished size 1" wide, 5/8" high (not including handle).
The background color looks white in the picture, but it's actually a very pale pink. I was concerned that the background pink would not provide enough contrast to the other 2 pink colors, but it finished exactly as pictured.
Sewing together the front and back was a challenge, especially the "handle" which was as tricky and slippery as an eel. Otherwise, a very nice kit that will provide you that satisfied feeling of completing a mini in half a day.
Janet's kit include a COLOR chart, cotton floss, gauze, needle, and written instructions for completion. This particular kit also included a beading needle, which you will need in order to sew on the handbag "clasp" (a tiny gold bead). I had some left over floss, but not enough to make another handbag.
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