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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 Castine---the dining experience & inside Bangor airport

 A delectable chocolate dessert on opening night---chocolate mousse on top of moist chocolate cake with chocolate shavings on the outside and strawberry and lemon sauce bed
 Lobster night---coincides with Auction night
 Our final meal on graduation night
I highly recommend the salmon, although some dill sauce and capers would have been nice

The food at Guild School is PLENTIFUL, and included with registration (as is lodging).
All meals are in the Student Center.

Breakfast is served starting at 6.30 am, Lunch is at noon, and Dinner is 5.30 pm, except for opening night, auction night and graduation night.
Hot entrees vary each day. Salad and sandwich bar during lunch, hamburgers and pizza for lunch and dinner, a soup of the day, soda fountain, juice fountain, ice water or ice tea in jugs. Desserts mostly include cookies, whoopie pies, brownies, various cakes, cupcakes. Coffee and tea station. Ice cream is always available at meal times and a favorite of many guild school attendees.
Meals are served cafeteria style, except on opening and graduation night, when you are seated at tables and they bring entrees to you. 

The very best food was served on graduation night. I especially liked the hor d'ouvres, which included items like crab legs, shrimp cocktail, oyster in a flaky crust with some tangy sauce, artichoke head with aioli, chicken chichimanga, fried jalapenos (similar to fried green tomatoes)

In between classes, they would bring sodas, juices, bottled water, coffee and tea along with an assortment of pastries to nourish you for the next class. You'd be surprised how doing workshops consumes a lot of energy. That, and the walking to classes on an uphill slope and walking up the stairs to your room because the elevator is so remote and well hidden.
A painting in one of the stairwells in Curtis Hall 
A play center for kids at Bangor Airport 
A charming "crooked" playhouse air traffic control center 
 A cute child's picnic table and benches ( to make in mini?)

Bangor Airport is 38 miles from Guild School and the drive from the airport to the school takes an hour, mostly on 2 lane roads and speed limit not exceeding 50 mph.

The airport shuttle service that you sign up for through the Guild School is a nice convenience and costs $40, which includes gratuity. You give them your incoming and outgoing flight #/airline and they take care of the rest. 

When you arrive at the Bangor airport, walk to Baggage Claim area and you will see people holding up a sign "IGMA Guild School". They usually batch the shuttle ride for 3-5 people at a time. You will be transported in mini vans, one van for people and a 2nd van for transporting everyone's luggage. Near the end of Guild School, there is a list of people who have signed up for shuttle service with scheduled departure time and time shuttle will transport you to the airport. The list is posted in the Student Center as you enter the cafeteria.  For example, my departure time was 7.25 am, my shuttle departure time was 5 am. The shuttle will pick you up at front office of Curtis Hall. There was a group of 5 people sharing the shuttle ride to the airport.

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