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Monday, June 17, 2013

2013 Castine

The Student Center
Textile classes are held in the Student Center Basement
Exhibit Room, Guild School office/library also in this building
Back view of the Student Center
All meals, including opening and graduation ceremony is held in this Hall.
This is the view as you walk from Curtis Hall (dormitory for all Guild School students)
Leavitt Hall, which is directly in front of the Student Center
No classes were held here, but some of the evening seminars took place here.
Dismukes Hall
Many classes involving power tools (table saws, lathes) were all held in this building
The bell in front of Dismukes Hall

Back view of Wyman House (President's House)
Left front view of Wyman House
Wyman House portico
Note the rhododendrons, which are plentiful and humongous in this part of Maine

 Right side of Wyman House
 Side porch of Wyman House
 Right side of Wyman House overlooking the lake/bay
Wyman House parlor
Peggy Meyers taking in the ambience of Wyman House
 A flat screen TV in the parlor of Wyman House
 The Wyman House parlor adjacent to the foyer
 Wyman House foyer
Nell Corkin's class is held in Wyman House, but it is also the furthest from the Student Center/cafeteria
Courtyard of Curtis Hall viewed from 3rd floor of my dorm room
The buildings are interconnected, but the effect is like walking through a maze to find your room
Elevators are present, but precious few
The dressing area with built-in closets and bureau of drawers
Bring your own hangers if you like your clothes hung
My sumptuous bed and desk
Everyone is assigned a roommate, unless you specifically want to room with a particular person. You have to pay extra if you want a room all to yourself.
The hang-out area---a couch and chair is available every 10 rooms for people to hang-out informally
Bathroom is shared among 4 people or caty-cornered to two rooms

Things to bring if you go to Guild School
  • Hair dryer
  • your own shampoo (they provide a bar of soap)
  • a mesh bag to hold your toiletries when showering (there is no bath tub)
  • flip-flops, if you don't want your feet touching the shower stall and for walking about the bathroom
  • the bathroom has lockers to hold your towel and personal stuff
  • your toiletries
  • a light jacket, for those chilly evenings or cold classes
  • an umbrella, it rained 2-3 days when I was there
  • sheet protectors (to protect instructions from your classes)
  • name labels (you can slap on any items you purchase and identify as yours)
  • small plastic boxes to protect your minis
  • checkbook-- many of the dealers do not accept credit cards
  • lots of cash--if you plan to buy minis from international dealers
  • Your bed gets made each day while you are in class and a set of new towels are added each day for each person
  • You can request extra blankets (fleece) and pillows from the front office
Living quarters are spartan, but you spend very little time in your room as most people are taking workshops 6-8 hours each day and they have activities at night to keep you busy, so the bedroom is mainly for sleeping.

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