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Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 Castine Live Auction

 Castine Lighthouse painted desk by Therese Bahl-->$700
 Arcadia National Park painting by Sue Veeder--->$375
 Caladium plant in pot by Hiroyuki Kimura--->$375
The most realistic plant I have ever seen in miniature
 18th century shoes by Pat Richards--->$275
 Nautical Knot Board by Bonni Backe --->$1000
Yellow Cedar Burl Table (contemporary style) by Rob Tukham--->$275 
 Chest on Frame Dunlap style by Elizabeth Gazmuri (2013 Don Buttfield winner)--->$6500
Liz sat at the table next to us and she nearly fell out of her chair as the bidding war reached its peak price.
 Australian Kitchen Bench by Adelaide Cann--->$275
 Wall shelf by Carol Hardy--->$900
This was a "mercy bid" according to Duffy Wineman (auctioneer), as Carol's quality of work is the same as when she created this piece 19 years ago, ie "no improvement" in 19 years
Persian design petit point pillow by newly minted Frances Peterson--> $275 
QS doll by Suzane Herget--->$275 
3 pottery vases & book by Jon Almeda--->$300
Jon's wife Heather is the Guild School's photographer at large 

 Aran Fair Isle knitted sweater by Sue Resseguie-->$650
Embroidered book cover by Annelle Ferguson with Tim Shepard readable book-->$1600
Buzz Lightyear lunchbox vignette (To Infinity and Beyond 2013 guild school theme) by Tony/Susan Spencer and Nell Corkin--> $450
Won by Marjorie Smelt, who won I'm sure, because I imparted my 1st yr luck onto her (wink, wink)
Marjorie and I were in two turning classes together and sat next to each other in one of the classes
The best for last, Carol Hardy's William and Mary chest on frame, class prototype-->$7000

Other highlights
Bill Robertson's 1st-yr-only-bidders turned candlestick-->$130, won by Christina Goodwin [I had breakfast with Christina the day of the auction, and I am convinced that's why she won the candlestick, wink wink]

First in Line at Minis, Munchies and more plus 10 minutes shopping before everyone else-->$500
First in line at Tom Bishop Chicago show--->$200
Licorice to make you turn "green and puke"--->$100

The live auction is held Tuesday night after the Lobster cookout--usually held outdoors, but held indoors this year because of rain. Duffy Wineman (a riot) and Bill Robertson were co-auctioneers. They had spotters throughout the room to spot paddles held up. Approximately 60 items were up for auction, but pictures above only represent a sampling.

The money raised goes toward keeping the school registration fee inflation-stable, Guild School scholarships, and general upkeep of Guild activities. This year's auction raised over $39,000 (in one evening!). Overall total raised during the week was over $45K and ranks as 3rd best.

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