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Friday, June 21, 2013

2013 Castine--Petitpointer Show N Tell

Fishing Lady, 58 ct, Terri Bernings

 Carolyn Denning's Chi-Chi rug, 40 ct

 Backside of Chi Chi rug---looks as good as the front!

Carolyn Denning's Kazak rug, 40 ct

Backside of Kazak rug---neat stitcher she is, Carolyn

Carolyn Denning, from Ana Carin designs, 40 ct

 Terri Berning's finished Lily rug, 40 ct. She used overdyed blue background to give a variegated appearance. Sue Reguissuie design.

Backside of Terri's Lily rug--another neat stitcher 

Peggy Meyer's adaptation of real life rug in Wyman House, Castine Maine
Should be gorgeous when completed 

 Pat Hartman's french knot rug

Pat Hartman, french knot
 Pat Hartman, french knot bird pillows
Jan Coombs
 Jan Coombs
 Jan Coombs, ribbon embroidery
 Jan Coombs, ribbon embroidery

 Peggy Meyers

 Peggy Meyers's 4 Seasons
 Carol Hinkle
 Carol Hinkle's Lily rug

Wednesday night was Petitpoint Dinner with Show N'Tell afterwards. More pictures on Monday. 

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