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Monday, June 3, 2013

2013 Lexington Theme Luncheon---ATCs in Miniature

Theme Luncheon gift from Barbara Anderson and Jo Dewane.
I need to create a scrapbook shop or scene centered around this. It is superbly done!

The Victorian style artist trading cards (ATC) on the left were created by Barb Anderson and were what I was expecting the luncheon to be about. The 2 ATC at right were created by Jo Dewane and illustrate how you can incorporate miniature items or left-overs to make unique ATCs. The ME style ATC was created using ME paper napkins.
ATCs are 2.5" x 3.5" in size and can be any theme or style you like. 
Barb and Jo brought several binders of ATCs they had created or received as part of a swap group and they allowed us to pick two ATCs that we liked to keep.

A set of playing cards we received that could be used to create ATCs--you have to look for ones that conform to the 2.5 x 3.5 size of ATCs.

They had us create our own ATC around the Playtime Memories theme. This is the one I started [but did not finish].

A packet of scrapbook paper & embellishments we received to get started in making ATCs.

A packet of 3D embellishments we received to make ATCs--punched leaves/flowers, glue stick, puzzle pieces, bunka, no hole beads, brads, buttons, ribbon trims, cords, lace, nail art canes. You can use just about anything.

They had 2 boxes of give-away minis that we could rummage through and keep (LOVED THIS PART). These are items I found and kept. Truly, one man's trash is another's treasure.

An example of ATC & miniatures on exhibit, created by Holly McClellan

Examples of ATCs incorporating miniatures, created by Barb or Jo.

Do you notice how the ATCs are kept in plastic pockets? They have plastic pocket pages sold in hobby stores so you can have an album of your creations.

I won a 3 ring binder with ATC pocket pages in a drawing. There were about 10 people at the luncheon and   drawings so that everyone ended up with a gift of some sort.

Bottom line--I learned about how you can create ATCs from vintage ephemera or MINIATURE items/left-overs. All that's needed is imagination, some glue, cardstock, scissors, tweezers, paint pens or markers, and embellishments of your choice. There's no limit or rules to what you can create.

They gave us information about joining a swap group for ATCs. I passed---I already have a bad spending addiction for minis, and don't need another addiction LOL. If you are interested, write a note in the comment section below and I'll pass on whatever information I have to you privately.

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  1. What does "ATC" mean? I am stumped! Thanks! Carol