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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2013 Playtime Memories silent auction & houseparty helpers

QS Noah's Ark from Karen Gibbs class--HH won by Kim Woods

whimsical whatnot display case [class prototype?] donated by Sue Ann Ketchum

QS vignettes created in scrubby holders

Unopened Debbie Young Town Square kits--won by Carolyn Eiche, who also won $350 gift certificate from Karen Benson's The Quarter Source

QS Sunflower Sue created by Cindy Lee & Melody Kelly

Interior of Sunflower Sue

A nice bakery in a simple and small gift box. There is a cut-out on the side for a window. 1"

Ladies cape, stole & hat from real mink.

Nicely made HS record player & tea cart

Realistic leather boots & man's tool apron

Silent Auctions were coordinated by Colleen Walker. Items were placed on display outside the sales room around noon-1 pm and you could bid on items until 5-6 pm. Sheets were taken up at end of auction and winners took the winning sheet and item to pay NAME at a sales table.
They had a silent auction every day of the houseparty Thu-Sa.
Silent auctions raised over $6000 for NAME.

Houseparty Helpers were coordinated by Lesia Lennex.
Houseparty Helpers raised over $4000 for NAME.
Winners were announced at the Saturday night banquet.
Carolyn Eiche seemed to be the big winner of the night winning the Debbie Young Town Square kits and $300 to spend at the Quarter Connection.
Last year's big winner Kim Woods (who won 14 houseparty helpers in Charlotte) came home with a paltry 3 helpers this year.
Two of my roommies won 3 helpers, Becky Niethammer 2 and Mary Johnson 1.Becky won $150 at Joanne Roberts's sales table and the half scale swap items. Not sure the latter was a big win---Becky  said she received 10 HS items in the swap (25 was what people in 1" and QS received, 2 were donations to the helpers) but the HS Helpers contained only 6 items and they were all items she had received already.

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