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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013 Lexington Houseparty Helpers--my donations & one win

 HS Gypsy Wagon, made from Michelle Faleshock kit, that I donated as HP Helper
Won by Jayne Payne. She came by to personally thank me, which I appreciated

 Front view of wagon---needs a horse, a pretty gypsy lady & family around a campfire is how I imagine it, but never got around to creating

 Interior of gypsy wagon showing the bed with silk brocade bed cover--my gypsies are wealthy

 The kitchen/dining area of the wagon. I was scrambling for stuff I had that would work for this scene and ended up using a 1" Bespaq set. Never got around to adding plates, cups, saucers and the like to the shelves.

 I used 1" canisters. My gypsy family needs some pots, pan, kitchen utensils etc.

 Back of the gypsy wagon

Because I donated my gypsy wagon, I went to Michelle's table and bought myself a QS version to make, and hopefully keep, since it will be smaller and can fit in my china cabinet!

 The QS Art Deco house (art museum), another kit from Michelle Faleshock
Had so much fun making this one
Hostas are kits from Karla Smith
Tree is awful (such an eyesore)

 This was won by Cindy McDaniel, who I first met at the Cleveland NAME Convention in 2011
When she learned I was donating this item, she proclaimed it was hers, and by golly, she was as good as her word. Wish I had her kind of magic---life would be so much easier.

 I bid on ONE item at the silent auction. Didn't think I would win, but I got lucky and din't have to pay a fortune or get in a bidding war to win it (whewww!)

This is a tilt-top tea table made by David Wolfert for 2000 NAME Houseparty in Charlotte
He made 1100 of these and this was in a box marked #79

Here it is tilted, just like a real table.

In my mind I plan a petit point table top, so let's see if it comes to fruition.

I placed it in the roombox I won at the Miniature Fantasies show, but it is bigger than I would like, but still a very nicely made piece of furniture.

Hard to believe NAME Houseparties used to attract over 1000 people and the numbers keep decreasing each year---650 for Seattle in 2010, 600 for Cleveland in 2011/Charlotte in 2012/Tucson in 2013 and 550 or 500 for St Louis in 2014

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