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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Using Vintage Hankies in Miniatures

 Doll by Pat Angrick. Doll's dress made from a vintage hankie.

 Another example of a doll's dress and hat made from vintage hankie.

 More examples of doll's dresses and apron made from vintage hankies.

 Book about collecting vintage hankies

 1" curtains made from vintage hankie

This was the first time I was able to attend a Home Improvement Seminar at a Houseparty, usually these seminars coincide a workshop/class I'm taking.

The pictures above are from a presentation by Victoria Fox---wonderful lady, excellent talk.

For the 1st 30 people, she gave us each a bottle of vintage hankies in a re-usable container! The container had 6 hankies, 5 to cut and use in miniatures, and one to hold. There was an overflow of people in attendance. We ended up with about 40-50 people, and late comers had to sit on the floor.

The talk centered on Vicki's love of vintage hankies. She owns 1000+ hankies of all different styles---monogrammed, embroidered, petitpointed, tatted edges, bobbin lace edges, scalloped edges, eyelet edge, round, octagonal, large, small, children's theme, state theme, floral shaped, to name just a few.

She talked about how to care and handle vintage hankies (she had a bottle of soap gel for all of us to clean our hands before we handled the hankies in acid free scrapbook page holders). How to remove stains from hankies. Where to look for vintage hankies. How to launder and store the hankies.

Everyone received a paper handout of her talk in a protective coverslip. Included were instructions to make a 1" scale sundress and table cloth from vintage hankies.

She passed around at least 100 hankies for us to admire that illustrated the various styles and types of hankies she owned.

On display were examples of items that could be made from a hankie, and a more extensive list in the handout she gave us.

She had books on display, but she did not pass around the books for us to look at---the hour was taken up by just viewing her collection of hankies.

There were drawings for gifts.

At the very end, she asked if anybody quilted. I raised my hand and was given a bag of laundered vintage hankies to make a hankie quilt.There were 25 hankies in the bag.

Those who did not receive a container of hankies were given some spare hankies she had on hand, so that everyone left away with a gift.

She said she was happy to give a presentation on hankies to any group interested. She only asks that her travel expenses to be covered. If you are interested, leave a comment below and I will email you her email addy privately.

This was my first, but best, home improvement seminar I ever attended. This would be a hard act to follow. She was informative, funny, easy going, and very knowledgable. A first rate speaker.

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