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Monday, August 5, 2013

2013 Lexington Playtime Memories Teacup Mystery

The Teacup Mystery featured a dessert theater with two actors, the woman as nanny and a young man as a puppet toy and the audience was divided into 4 groups. Each table was given instructions, and then three tables together form a small tale. Each table has no idea what the other two tables have been told, so when the tale is acted out by the audience, it's a complete surprise to each table and the entire audience as to how the tale will unfold and end. It turned out better than I expected, despite my misgivings about playing the part of the Pussycat.

Each table had a centerpiece consisting of a vignette around 2 Chrynsbon chairs and a table having tea. I didn't have enough time to take pictures of every table before the "theater" show began.

There were drawings for the centerpieces at each table, plus 3-4 additional door prizes.

Everyone received a teacup and saucer (each different) and a little gift (cowboy gun/rope/bad guy dummy with bandana OR a sheep pull toy OR....I forget). I got the cowboy ensemble.

"Sarge" and Ann Parker from Nebraska. They were in every one of my workshop classes. A very nice and friendly couple, completely in love with each other, love minis, and great family/kids.

Ann's hat decorated with minis. I want my own hat to wear at NAME houseparties and conventions.

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