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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2013 Lexington Playtime Memories Totebag Favors

 Plate of cookies from Mary E Johnson
 Cork & chalkboard from Charrita Teague
 Foam block puzzle from Kim Wood
 Dolly Dingle book in 4 scales from Babette Overman
Kermit the frog puppet 
Baby bottle from Dolora Paull 
Animal pull toys from Alician Pearce & Nancy Flanagan 
 toy lawnmower from Abby Vukovich
 Black scottie rug
octopus pulltoy 
Scooter. The wheels are snap buttons used in clothing 
 rope from Fay Liner and friends
 Painting vignette from Kim Wood
 pair of pot holders
 a ball & book
Aubusson rug printed on fuzzy paper from Lyn Montgomery 
 Pirate hat & sword
Hula hoops, writing pen, brass towel ring kit, items for mini workshop (water bottle caps, rubber band, Q tips, toothpicks, wet wipe) 
1" toy train with box kit that I "fished" out of the wading pool from Hospitality Room

I wrote down the names of everyone who contributed to the totebag favors, but list is misplaced, so the above is from memory---sorry.

I loved all my totebag favors. THANK YOU to everyone who contributed!

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