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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 NAME National Convention---Table Centerpieces

"Dollhouse Exhibit Opening Soon"

Nancy Flanagan & Alician Pearce "Wisconsin Heritage"
Debbie Young--NAME Miniature Houses
Donna Hendricks "Thorne Rooms"

Susan Roberts "Taj Mahal"
Abby Carlson "Heirloom Elegance"
Eve Karoblis "Historical Furniture"

Ed Mabe "Toy Cars"
"Night Time Precautions"
Pat Evans & Kim Tetlow

Thelma Sorenson
Thelma Sorenson--QS hats, gowns
Joann Haugen (QS)
 The Egyptian Room (QS) by Sally Lonn, won by ME!
Frances Johnson--QS "Dinosaurs"
Sue Herber/Sue Allen--QS "Please Don't Touch the Exhibit"

Sheila Benjamin--Child's Playhouse Furniture (Willie Wiswell estate)
Sherry Clifton "American Folk Art"
Minis in Paradise "We Were Framed" (pun intended)
Phil & Lynn Joehnk "Having Fun After the Sun Goes Down"
Jan Freeman & Donna Carmen "Tudor Fashion"
Rosemary Shipman--Robbery in Progress at the Museum
Police being dispatched
Cell phone dialing 9-1-1
Alician Pearce "Miniature Diversions"

Roomboxes on all 3 sides (QS)
Sue Edmiston "Space People Party"
Sharon Emery "Southwest Artist Exhibit"
Lagena Chrisman "Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson investigating crime scene at the museum"
Julia Child's kitchen at the Smithsonian (QS) by Debbie Young/Jeff Packard, available as a Mega RT in a mini springform pan
Outside of Julia Child's kitchen 

Judith Meyer QS Natural History Museum
Susan Farnik
Abby Carlson "Heirloom Elegance"
Ginger Anderson "At Night in the Museum"
Inch by Inch Mini Club "The Night Custodian" multiscales
Close up of the house guarded by the "Night Custodian"
a giraffe peeking through the Night Custodian
Donna Jacques & Micro Michaels "Interactive Music Museum"
Other side of Interactive Music Museum (famous composer busts)
Georgia Matushak & Lori Ann Potts "Royal Monkey Business"

Georgia Queen & Jean Lierman "Elfing Around"
Joann Haugen "Willie Wiswell's Radios"
Susan Sheridan "Museum of Home Styles"
Married with Minis "Historic Home Tours & Bed & Breakfast"
The other side of the "Bed & Breakfast"
More or Less Club "Southwest Art"
Cleveland Miniatura "Nightwatch Cafe"
Sharon Emery "Visiting Relatives"
Mary E Johnson "Puzzling People"

Joann Haugen "Estate Collection of Willie Wiswell"
Jackie Smith
Eggstra by Virgi Bondi 
Married with Minis "Too Much Marble"

 This was chosen by NAME President Cary Yerves to go into NAME Museum Carmel IN

 I lusted after this centerpiece. Worth at least $100, if not more

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  1. The Oregon Trail centerpiece was made by the Eugene (Oregon) Miniatures Club.