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Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 NAME National Convention Tucson--Banquet/Table Gifts

 The theme for the Banquet was Black and White
Vicki Scidmore is in the gold mummy mask

 The always elegant Ginger Landon Siegel
 Wouldn't be a museum unless there was some Egyptian theme
 Souvenir #3 cranberry glass vase and pebbled glass bowl from Phil Grenyer (UK)
 Souvenir #1 brass antelope sculpture against marble-like sun by Joseph Adotta
Steering Committee gift--tray engraved with convention icon
 Not a table gift, but Linda Austin's locket with baby and beautiful knitted gown in a locket
Callie Brunelli's adorable granddaughter--she will be teaching a kid's wkshop at Indiana NAME National Convention
A FANTASTIC exchange gift from Marsha Kensinger, not mine, but inspiring nevertheless
Table gift from Marsha Kensinger---THANK YOU so much Marsha!!!!
table gift from Tom O'Connor
Butterfly table weights from Tis Bohlman, her 1st time at QS table
table gift from Sandy Davis, table hostess. Sandy is a GREAT table hostess. She always brings you a box of essentials like pencil, travel sized glue bottle, kleenex at opening luncheon, a nice table gift, and a Thank you note on last day
Table gift from Gayle Baillargeon's hubby
Crystal lamp from Ellen Scofeld
Pair of candle sconces & candelabra from Gayle Baillargeon
My exchange gift from Tom O'Connor
A set of nice tools (sanding block, ring to hold tiny stuff, pair of scissors, tweezers, spatula-like tool & tiny blade cutter) from Linda Austin
An extra table gift from Ellen Scofeld

I loved all my table gifts from my tablemates. THANK YOU all. Linda Austin won the Roundtable KITS Houseparty Helper, which I hope she received (there was a mix up in distribution of the Helpers in the rush rush that always seem to happen).

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