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Friday, August 9, 2013

2013 Tucson Night at the Museum NAME National Convention--the hotel

 Location of the 2013 NAME National Convention was at the El Conquistador at the foot of the mountains
Beautiful ornately carved doors of the hotel front entrance

 Hotel Lobby

More seating hotel lobby

 Seating area left side of front lobby

 Indoor water fountain by the staircase

 Lounge area by the bar

The bar near the hotel lobby

 More club chairs in the bar area
I would often sit here with my OptiVisors on and stitching away on my Bobbie Schoonmaker PP kit, a nice way to while the time during quiet times

 Another water fountain UNDER the staircase, with piano nearby

A massive indoor plant under the staircase

 A huge cactus plant by the staircase

 Southwest style benches scattered about the hotel

 Art work displayed by the hotel restaurant

 Another common bench found about the hotel hallways

 A typical double queen bedroom we stayed in

Very little drawer space for clothing for 2 people. I guess the theory is to wear as little as possible given the hot climate year round.

 A little patio with chairs to sit in outside each hotel room

 Art work and furniture by the hotel restaurant

 Southwest style china hutch, by the hotel restaurant

 Massive iron chandelier in the restaurant area
 Mural over the hotel front desk

 Cacti near the pool area

 Flower beds by the pool area

 Gift shop in hotel

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