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Thursday, August 8, 2013

2013 Tucson completed roundtables

 Moving train layout, Lew Kummerow Mega Roundtable $10

Everything you see is included with the kit. The stuff in the middle can move by turning the dial below the table (I ruined the mechanism somehow). All you have to do is PAINT all those little houses, trains, buildings and table; glue the grass and foam clump bushes to complete the scene. Hah! Took me an entire day to paint and finish. But I love how it turned out.

Another view of the train layout

 Toy castle $5, all figures/carriage/throne/door/base for castle $5; Barbara Kummerow kits
Everything is resin. All you have to do is PAINT and glue in place. I can see all sorts of paint boo-boos from the picture blown up. Still need to do some paint touch ups of the figures (I need better quality paint brushes).

 Back view of castle where I glued the throne and massive arched door.
I love the Kummerows' roundtables, except for the painting I have to do.

 Christmas and Valentine cookie tins, $5 each, Carl Bronsdon kits

The cookies are ready made, you just have to add some paint to the cookies or glue on some graphics. Also have to cut out and glue on graphics for the tins. Took longer than I expected, but way less than if I had to make the cookies from fimo.

 144 scale Navajo Trading Post roombox, Amy Rauch kit, $5

Everything you see is included with the kit. Pretty easy as far as 144 scale kits go. The picture of completed roombox with the kit instructions is TEENY, so I settled on evenly spacing out the "ceramic bowls" on each shelf, then adding a bigger bead offset by smaller beads in between, and that seemed to make for a nice arrangement. I rolled up all my rug printies and should have saved a second one to go on one of the walls.

Here's a neat trick I picked up from this kit---glue some BUCKRAM to your plate printie and when you apply a stylus to make a "bowl" shape, the shape STAYS PUT. If you do this with plain paper, the "bowl" shape is liable to flatten out when you glue to the wall.

You can still use a hole puncher to punch out the printie with adhesed buckram--not too bulky.

Buckram is available at Hobby Lobby for about $4/yd. It's in the fabric section where they put batting, muslin and fusiform material.

 NAME fundraiser, adobe house HS doll's dollhouse, Robin/Shawn Betterley kit $5
Hardest and most tedious aspect of kit is PAINTING

 Back side of the adobe house. I wonder if I'll ever find the time to make furniture for the dollhouse?

 Ladies's dress shop in QS and QS gnome dolls in a trunk boy or girl $5 each, Sue Herber kits

The dress shop is easy to put together--NO PAINTING, YAY! You do have to paint the mannequins, however, but this did not take long at all.

The gnome doll & trunk are actually Lexington roundtables. The gnome dolls are already painted---BLESS YOU SUE. You just have to paint the doll trunk, glue on the graphic and then glue in the doll. You don't even have to glue the trunk together, it's all one resin piece.

 Kewpie doll in QS, Winnifred Holloway, $5

The doll is available in 3 scales. You just glue on the silk ribbon in the back, cut out the heart printie and glue onto a penny. I did away with the penny and cut a piece of 1/16 thick wood to fit the shape of the heart printie, applied Mod Podge gloss and crystal clear glitter to snazz it up.

 Buttons & Bows with tape measure & tomato pin cushion, Dorothy Hansen kit $5

This was pretty easy to make, could use more buttons to fill up the bottle. I made the bows using Georgia Queen & Jean Lierman (GJ's) Hair Pick Bow Maker, which was a Mega Roundtable and also came with a yard of silk ribbon and a magnifying glass, except I can't figure out how to attach the magnifier onto the bow maker.

GJ's Bow Maker is sturdy and stays put on the table without wobbling, and you can make bows in many sizes. I kept the bows ready made on the bow maker as a reminder that it's my bow maker, and it gives a visual clue to what the bow looks like when completed on various picks.

 Southwest Roombox, Mega Roundtable, Karen Benson kit
The roombox and frame is $10 and the interior furnishings are $10.
A super easy and COMPLETE kit. Everything you see is included with the kits. I even had printies left over to use in other projects.

 Another QS Southwest Roombox, Susan Farnik kit $5, exterior view

 Southwest roombox interior view
The entertainment center (dark) is a RT from Dick Hanson, which includes the flat screen TV
The turquoise pig and turtle is an accessory RT from Karen Benson. Framed picture in cabinet is a printie from Karen Benson's RT roombox above.
Clock, kleenex box & bottles from Quarter Connection swap 2011 online convention
Yucca plant from Susan Sheridan, QS swap in Tucson
Camera top left shelf from Fern Rouleau, QS swap Tucson
Books top left shelf, totebag favor from NAME online group
Candle sconces from Gayle Baillergeon, table gift Tucson

 Mirror, QS swap Tucson, no name in bag
Candle candelabra, table gift  from Gayle Baillergeon Tucson (LUCKY ME!)
Butterfly paper weight on table, table gift from Tis Bohlman (we all received a pair) Tucson
Scroll book on table, NAME online group totebag favor
Chair and side table, table gift from Tom O'Connor (THANK YOU Tom for a great gift)
Book on chair, QS swap Tucson
Rug, from Vi Haslup Quarter Connect 2011 online convention swap

 Not a roundtable, but a kit I bought from Ginger Landon Siegel in Tucson

I was able to finish this in about 2-3 evenings. Not hard, but a lot of tiny little details to attend to. Instructions are in 10 font, single spaced, both sides to one page. You have to read each sentence carefully or you're liable to miss some steps.

I messed up on the wreath in front (the paint smeared)

This appears to be a cupcake or tart form. Originally in gold, but I spray painted it Christmas red since the wallpaper in front and so many embellishments on the gingerbread house are in red.

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