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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Completed projects (2)

 Pam Junk's QS Crooked Playhouse
You don't have to paint the flowers or vines--it's a graphic
 The side of the house
You can complete this kit in about 2-3 hours
Pam sells this on her etsy site
 Interior of Crooked Playhouse--haven't decided how to decorate it
 Another Pam Junk QS play house---it has a "tuscan" feel to me
 Interior of the "Tuscan" (my designation, not Pam's) play house
An ME style clock with roombox, retired kit from Pam Junk
I must have put the clock insert upside down because no matter how many times I adjust the "time" it's always wrong, but it ticks just great 
 Close-up of the roombox. This is the pink version. Pam also sells the blue version
The bead Raggedys are from Shelly Norris
 I "painted" the delphiniums on the cradle using Sharpie pens

 A 144 scale matchbox "Welcome Home Baby!" nursery kit from Noreen Sand
I bought this in 2010, but didn't have the courage to start it until this past year
 A box of gifts for baby (rabbit rattle, gift card, bundled towels) displayed on top of vignette
 Inside the matchbox--a nursery for baby in pink
Painting, letting paint dry, and touch-ups took up the most time with this project
 There's a pretty knob handle on side of the box to let you pull out the vignette from the matchbox cover
Back view of the matchbox
Gold glitter glue will dress up any printie graphic

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