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Friday, September 13, 2013

Completed projects day 5

 A quarter scale winter/Xmas vignette completed in 2012

This project was the brainchild of Gayle Clausen for the OKC Mini Club

I used to drive 3 hrs once a month to attend the OKC mini club meetings, conveniently held on Saturdays
They felt bad for me, so they gave me the name of a lady in a miniature club in my own town, and they (OKC) haven't seen me since.

 The doll armature and faces were made by Gayle Clausen and she taught the club how to dress QS dolls---it's easier than you think

 A quarter scale Christmas Baking vignette

From a kit by Janet Smith of Desert Minis, originally Harvest Time Kitchen

The doll is by Gayle Clausen--I had her make a Ms Santa Claus and she added all sorts of wonderful details

I made most of the accessories using Joann Swanson's 1" scale instructions for Xmas Baking vignette, but scaled down to QS
Then I decorated the outside of the roombox too to make it more Christmas-y and make it more of a house than just a plain roombox 
 The other side of the roombox

 QS Lady's Shop Vignette completed 2012
From a kit by Suzanne Herget
All the shop items (hats, jewelry, purses, hanging dress, shopping bags, hat boxes, picture frames, shop catalogue, flower arrangement) are items I made or received from QS Swap group run by Ginger Anderson
I decorated the outside of the roombox too
 A quarter scale Lady's Boutique with a purse frame
From Tom Bishop Chicago International 2010 class with Sally Manwell, completed in 2012

 I made the chandelier following instructions from a JAR-JAF booklet
The lady trying on the hat was included with the class workshop
The lady shopkeeper I won because I had the lucky pink pencil in my bag of supplies in class
 We learned to make hats and purses seen on the left
The cameo is something extra I added from my stash
The flower pot I got from a QS swap
The tray of perfumes on the 2 tables I made
Everything else you see was part of the class/kit wkshop

You can get the "purse" frame in enamel red from Hobby Lobby and ask Sally Manwell to make you the shop interior and roombox structure kits

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