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Monday, May 11, 2015

Madison Small Scale Houseparty 2015

April 29- May 3 was the NAME Small Scale Houseparty, my first small scale houseparty. When I looked up the distance from Wichita, KS to Madison, WI it was 694 miles! I seriously considered staying home and just having them ship everything to me. But then I remembered I had a roommate and I couldn't skip out on her at the very last minute--she'd never forgive me.

So I dragged myself out of bed Wednesday, showered and packed my belongings. I took off around 8 am, turned on the XM radio and set off. Guess what? It really wasn't that bad.

I didn't run into much traffic or construction, so I had few interruptions except for the occasional potty stops and gas fill-ups. I was armed with my own snacks (pretzels, dried fruit, rice cracker mix) and soda pop, so I didn't even have to stop to eat--I just munched on what I brought. Arrived in Middleton (the hotel is actually in Middleton, but natives say Middleton and Madison are hooked at the hips) while it was still daylight, around 6.45 pm.
Here's my room. The room numbers are engraved onto a granite plaque--fancy huh?
This is the carpet leading up to my hotel room.
 Here's the inside of my hotel room at the Marriott. The window looks out onto the rooftops of other buildings, ie no scenic views whatsoever, but it didn't matter. The only time I was in my room was to sleep and drop off my belongings. The rest of the time was busy, busy, busy immersed in minis.
 Flat screen LCD TV with cable TV.
 Complimentary coffee maker to make your own coffee and tea to start the day.
 Tiny bathroom, but granite countertop and marble tile floor.
A towel caddy. I think this could be made in miniature easily, don't you think?
 The interior courtyard outside my hotel room. All the hotel rooms face out onto this courtyard.

 Some fake ivy dispersed around the balconies facing the courtyard. No need to water, wilt or rot, but maybe dust periodically.

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