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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2015 Madison HP--Totebag Favors

 Here's the Welcome card at our table when we sat down to the Opening Luncheon--sums up the whole theme and experience.
First thing you get when you register is a bag of Totebag Favors and your name badge that allows you access to all houseparty events.
Being a small scale event, the totebag favors were almost all quarter scale items. I received a bag with multiples of the same item--doesn't bother me--just more opportunity to use in multiple projects.
I will let the pictures describe themselves.

Root beer floats? or oversized beer mugs?

 Broom and dustpan--always needed around a well kept house

 I got 2 of these,

 This is a cake--I got 2 of these.
 A teeny, tiny little teddy bear.

 These are "bubblers" or water coolers.
 These will come in handy for making QS bottles, martini glasses, plant pots, beer mugs.
 This looks easy, but tedious to make--believe me.
 Blue ribbon prize. Looks simple, but probably a pain to make.
 Wow! Country-style sofa and ottoman looking for good home.
 These will go in my Beer bar from a wine casket/barrel.
 Super cute and well done. Made from a mini clothespin and painted as Santa on one surface.
 Rural folks are very patriotic.

 Beautifully made iris stem.
 These will come in handy.
 Barrel of potatoes and apples--perfect for county fair.

 Erasers in shape of  swiss cheese.
 A candle in shape of swiss cheese quarter.
 I've got to try this out next time I work on a mini project.
 Fantastic! Every mini scene needs food.
 This quilt has fabric on both sides.
 A life-sized bottle opener.
 A cool QS size bead shaped like a beer stein/mug.
 Amazing! This is a QS basket made of strung beads! Can't imagine how long this took to make.
 Instructions are given in the Souvenir book to make a QS bar, food stand or whatever from this barrel.
One of the Marriott employees picked this up off the floor and gave it to me seeing that I was a miniaturist.


 Hot dog

Ketchup and mustard bottles made from clothing tags.

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