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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2015 Madison HP Centerpieces

Feast your eyes on these fabulous centerpieces! 
They came in 2 flavors--a ferris wheel or blue sky background, which is lighted by an LED light on a Lazy Susan base. There's a discreet on/off switch at the back and all the wires are hidden in the base.

 This is the back side of the centerpiece above.
 This centerpiece was bt Winnifred Schmidt.

 This centerpiece by Betty deWitt went for auction during Sunday Brunch and sold for $675!

Centerpiece by Alice Roberts

 What a sense of humor! Potty stalls next to a tree for having a picnic.

 I won this centerpiece by Patty Johnson. Love it!!!!

 Close-up of the little ducks.
 Fabulous centerpiece by Sally Lonn, who also made the dolls in the centerpiece--she does it all.

 Deb sat at my table. She helped make 2 of the centerpieces.

This centerpiece was by Deb Case and at my table during Thursday Opening Luncheon.
The back side of our table's centerpiece on Thursday. Sue Spangler (L) and Jen Rich (R) in the back.

I love them all. Don't you?

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